Hi. I’m Rachel Evans– the blogger behind Healthy & Psyched.


I started Healthy & Psyched in October 2015; I had spent countless hours reading other health, fitness and foodie blogs, and I had started to love food again after a period restrictive eating (read my story). The blog began as a way for me to share my experiences and the best bits of what I had learnt about nutrition, psychology and healthy living.

The goal of Healthy & Psyched was/is to make health and well-being accessible to everyone, from health-nuts to people who are curious or even intimidated by plant-based living, healthy ingredient swaps, workouts or anything else related to physical or mental health.

The original focus of the blog was very much on sharing ‘healthy’ recipes, for example, lower sugar granola, green smoothies and butter-bean brownies. In 2018 I merged the website for my psychology practice (reWellbeing) with Healthy & Psyched, which means that I will be broadening the focus of the blog from plant-based food to the psychology of eating including how to reduce cravings, build healthy habits and find a balanced relationship with food!

This blog reflects my journey to finding balance with diet and exercise. If you’ve been following me for a while you might have noticed a change in the way that I talk about flexibility in healthy eating and the importance of mental health. I have kept most of my old posts up on the blog, but please be aware that they may not reflect my current views. I have added a disclaimer to some of them to indicate this.

The website has evolved from my hobby into an income stream, which means that I do create sponsored posts. Rest assured, however, that I am VERY picky about which brands I work with, and I will only work with brands that fit the ethos of the blog and that I would want to use myself. I have been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands such as Pic’s Peanut Butter, That Protein, Aldi and Tesco! The blog has also opened up opportunities for me to speak at events such as Balance Festival (2017) and Unlimited Wellbeing Festival (2018).

I’m so grateful to everyone who has supported Healthy & Psyched and the amazing friends who I have made through blogging <3




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I studied my psychology degree (BSc, hons, first class) at The University of Nottingham, with at year abroad at one of the top universities for psychology in Australia. From there I progressed to study my MSc in Health Psychology at the Institute of Work Health and Organisations at the University of Nottingham. I specialised in quantative methods, behaviour change interventions, and understanding eating behaviour. I graduated with a distinction in 2013.

Next I held a research assistant position investigating motivation in the Physical Education and Sports Sciences Department at the National Institute of Education in Singapore. Following my return to the UK I took some time away from academia and completed qualifications in Nutritional Therapy and Weight Loss Coaching from the Health Sciences Academy. I also worked with the health promotion team at the University of Nottingham on a project to understand the health behaviours of students.

In September 2015 I started my Psychology PhD at the University of Sheffield. I am currently studying the psychology of eating behaviour, which includes the influence of factors such as intentions, habits and self-control. In 2018 I completed my training to become a Practitioner in Eating Disorders and Nutritional Interventions, with the National Center for Eating Disorders and am registered on their website as a service provider.

In 2019 I completed my training as a Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner and added hypnotherapy to my skill set! This was something that I never thought I would be interested in, but it has broadened my thinking and proved incredibly valuable for my clients.

Over the years I have presented my research at national and international conferences, and published four journal papers with more to follow. I love reading the latest articles about the determinants of health behaviour, behaviour change interventions, eating and nutrition. I follow an evidence based approach to working with clients, leading workshops and public speaking. I have completed the Health Bloggers Community x WellSpoken qualification to provide “consumers with the highest level of credible, authentic, evidence-based information on fitness, nutrition and wellbeing”. I take great pride in my ability to critically appraise research evidence and use my clinical skills to apply it for each individual client, rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach!

I have Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership with the British Psychological Society and am a member of the Division of Health Psychology, which reflects my desire to represent the highest possible professional standards.


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