Food Matters Live: My Favourite Exhibitors

Last week I spent 3 days at Food Matters Live. It’s a free event held at the Excel, London that aims to address challenges in nutrition and health by bringing together professionals and showcasing the latest innovations and new trends in food and nutrition. There were over 400 exhibitors, but I’ve picked my favourites to tell you about.

Starting with the veggies…

Cow & Gate ‘friends’


Cow & Gate have produced a new range of puree baby foods containing only a single vegetable. Usually vegetables are mixed with fruit purees to make them sweeter, but this doesn’t teach the child to like the vegetables. Starting weening with a single veggie (as in the ‘friends’ pouches), varying the veg offered and repeating this process can encourage children to develop healthy eating habits. I think this is a great idea and, after sampling, I would be tempted to buy them for myself if I’m on the go and want a quick veggie boost.


And rapidly moving onto desserts…


IMG_9757 (2)

This product lets you make healthy cookies without needing a cupboard full of ingredients. Simply add  water to the cookie mix then bake! Super easy! It’s packed full of essential vitamins and minerals, with nothing artificial.
I love this product and I really love the owner of the company. Tony is so passionate about his product (with good reason) and was such a joy to talk to. Plus he gave me loads of free cookie samples!

Booja Booja truffles

By far the most generous chocolate samples in the show, Booja Booja are seriously winning with their organic, diary and gluten free truffles. In total I tried 5 flavours : hazelnut, almond & sea salt caramel, raspberry, stem ginger and rhubarb & vanilla fool (surprisingly my favourite). They were all insanely good, with a crunch of nut or a hit of flavour in a smooth rich chocolate truffle. These are definitely top of my Christmas list!


And then coffee…



To be totally honest I am a fan of rice milk, but the lovely ladies of Oatley gave me reason to reconsider. Oatley have created the first foamable non-dairy milk (it’s made from oats!!). So if you’re lucky enough to own a coffee machine with a milk foamer and love a good latte this product is definetly for you. The standard version would also be brilliant in your coffee, on your cereal or just to drink by the glass.

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