I still don’t quite believe it but last week I won BEST VEGAN BLOG at the Health Bloggers Community x That Protein Blog Awards!

Best Vegan Blog!?

When I started my blog 2 years ago I never imagined that it would be winning Awards and certainly not ‘Best Vegan Blog’ since I didn’t even eat a plant-based diet at the time! Even now I doubt that I am a worthy winner because I know there are some issues with my website menus that have been on my ‘to do list’ to fix for far too long! Also, the other shortlisted bloggers have amazing accounts.  Runner up Romy, from romylondon.uk, has been my friend for about 18 months on instagram and in real life. Her food photography is so beautiful and I am always drooling over what she posts. The second short listed blogger was Phillip from exceedingly vegan. I wasn’t aware of his account until I saw the nominees, but I love how informative his blog and social media accounts are for if you are wanting to change to a vegan diet.
Healthy vegan blogger Rachel from healthyandpsyched.com wins an award

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The Health Blog Awards Ceremony

 We arrived fashionably late to the awards but still had time to meet some brands and new bloggers before taking our seats. There was a Q+A with four influential bloggers (Rebecca Pearson, Rozanna Purcell, Dr Rupy Aujla, and Tally Rye), which I found interesting and inspiring. Rhiannon Lambert from rhitrition hosted the session and the bloggers spoke to us about how they got started on social media and their blog, how their message has evolved, and how to grow our blog.
Influential Health Bloggers on panel for Q+A

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The main themes that  I took away from their answers were that success doesn’t come over night, you need to blog from the heart about things that you feel passionately towards, and to make genuine connections with those around you to help you on your blogging journey and to spread your message.
Health Blog Awards 2017

Photo credit: www.annarachelphotography.com

After the Q+A was the awards presentation. My heart was racing from when they announced the first category even though it wasn’t mine and I thought that I had no chance at winning Best Vegan Blog. I was so shocked when I was announced as the winner and totally thrilled to have my photo taken with Fab Giovanetti the founder of Health Bloggers Community and event organiser (as a re-creation of our photo last year when I won Health Blogger of the Year).
Healthy & Psyched - winner of Best Vegan Blog 2017

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Darlene McCormick from That Protein was the judge of my category and picked Healthy & Psyched for Best Vegan Blog because of “excellent content and photography and not overly commercial”.


That Protein Health Blog Awards

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 To be totally honest I am glad that I didn’t win my category at the Northern Blog Awards 2017 this month because I didn’t have anywhere near the same instinctive reaction or excitement that I had at the Health Blog Awards.
I love the Health Bloggers Community so much. I feel like the community has been there for me ever since I started Healthy & Psyched- in terms of producing inspiring articles in the online magazine, promoting my blog posts, giving me new skills through the Academy, new opportunities to write content that might not always fit on my blog and the chance to meet other bloggers and friends.
Eleanor and Rachel - Health Bloggers at the Health Blog Awards 2017 in London

Photo credit: www.annarachelphotography.com. In the photo: @eleanormay_c and me

If you’re a health blogger or even just blog on similar topics then I would 100% recommend you join the facebook group.
The community is so diverse, as you can see from all of the award categories.

Winners and sponsors from the health blog awards 2017

Best Recipe Blog (sponsored by No.1 Rosemary Water) <–soooooo yummy!
Winner – Mrs Hollingsworth’s

Free-From / Illness Recovery Blog (sponsored by Freeist!)
Winner – The Flourishing Pantry

Yoga and Spirituality Blog (sponsored by Lorna Jane UK)
Winner – Jody Shield

Fitness Blog (sponsored by Bounce Foods)
Winner – Hannah & Fitness

Vegan Blog (sponsored by That Protein)
Winner – Healthy & Psyched

EU Bloggers (sponsored by Biomed)
Winner – Sailing Through Fitness

Best New Blogger (sponsored by Mindful Bites)
Winner – Brunch n Grind

Science and Nutrition Blog (sponsored by Mount Olympus Foods)
Winner – Plant Based Pixie

Best Health & Fitness Instagram (sponsored by Spiced Nutrition)
Winner – Nourish Your Glow

Best Irish Blog (sponsored by Soulbia Foods)
Winner – The Irish Balance

Best Natural Beauty & Lifestyle Blog (sponsored by Biomed Nutrition)
Winner – The English Aromatherapist

Health Blogger of the Year (sponsored by Renew Life)
Winner – Positively Jessica

Rachel & Jessica Award Winning Health Bloggers

Photo credit: www.annarachelphotography.com. In the photo: me and @positivelyjessicaward

Thank you so much to everyone who voted for me. To everyone who subscribes to the newsletter, follows me on instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest. To everyone who has ever commented on my posts or liked a photo. To the people who have taste tasted my recipes and listened to me endlessly talk about food, my blog or something to do with healthy living. I am so grateful for you all.

P.S. If you are looking for a great photographer I would recommend Anna, who took the photos in this blog post. I did a shoot with Anna for some photos to use on rewellbeing.com and she was great at helping me to pose and feel comfortable. I’m also really pleased with how the photos turned out.

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