Here’s the top 20 most viewed recipes that I posted on Healthy & Psyched in 2017!

They’re all vegan friendly and have a healthy twist.

There’s a nice mix of savory and sweet recipes from all throughout the year. Some of the recipes that I posted at the start of the year were higher up on the list than I expected, but it makes sense considering that they have had the most time to get viewed. For example, I LOVED the chocolate pudding protein balls that I created at Christmas, but the recipe has been on the blog for less than a month, so it’s not surprising that it has been viewed less than the beetroot latte (in number 1 spot), which was posted in January 2017.

The 20 BEST vegan recipes of 2017

1. Dairy free beetroot latte

2. NO FAIL gluten-free pancakes with no added sugar

perfect vegan pancakes

3. Homemade oat cakes

4. Vegan chocolate yogurt (high protein breakfast recipe)

5. Chocolate chai avocado mousse

6. Grain free cauliflower oatmeal

7. Super chocolate fudge brownies

Super fudge -like vegan chocolate brownies made with dates, pecans and butter beans for a delicious chewy texture and dacadent taste. Refined sugar free and gluten free.

8. Millionaires short bread with date and roobois caramel

9. Rich chocolate chia pudding

vegan chocolate chia pudding recipe

10. Zesty lemon energy balls

11. Healthy peanut butter cookie dough oatmeal

12. Pumpkin spice latte oatmeal

13. Roasted peanut butter curry cauliflower

Curried coconut and peanut butter cauliflower. Makes the perfect healthy vegan side dish

14. Bubblegum smoothie with no artificial ingredients

15. Mini chocolate, peanut butter and jelly doughnuts. Shortlisted in the PETA vegan bake-off.

16. Carrot cake smoothie with a twist

17. Totally dreamy spiced chocolate sauce

vegan chocolate sauce with strawberries

18. Quick and easy homemade kale chips

19. Lemon and chia seed oatmeal

20. Turmeric peanut butter bean burgers

Epic vegan turmeric and peanut butter bean burgers - vegan, gluten-free. Perfect BBQ recipe

Also, narrowly missing out on the top 20 was the gluten-free apple and fig doughnuts. They were so yummy – I feel that they deserve a mention as well.

Top 3 guest recipes

1. Beetroot, raspberry and maca waffles

2. Peanut butter hummus

3. Chocolate banana bread

vegan waffle recipe

What’s been your favourite recipe of 2017?

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