Last week I shared with you 5 tips on how to create an insta-worthy breakfast bowl, but I’ll admit I don’t know everything.

That’s why I asked 8 of my favourite bloggers and instagrammers as well as the owners of my favorite healthy subscription box to tell me how they create a deliciously healthy and eye-catching breakfast.

heijalaura 1“Don’t be afraid to combine new flavors“. Laura, @heijalaura.

thegoodavocado“The consistency of smoothie bowls (is important), the heavier the toppings such as fruit, I try and make the smoothie thicker to ‘support’ the topping so it doesn’t sink down, I find this looks better aesthetically.” Char, @thegoodavocado

“To me, the most important thing for making both an attractive and delicious meal is colour, particularly green. A meal just looks so much more appetising when it’s a rainbow on a plate (or in a bowl)! Nobody wants to eat something that’s dull and plain-looking, and greens stand out to people because they have such a fresh appearance and connote health. I never have a meal without greens – I even sneak courgette into my morning porridge (my Zoatbowls) to brighten it up! I like to think of colourful meals like this; not only do they make your photos look more attractive, but you know that the more colours you include in your meal, the wider the variety of nutrients you’ll be consuming.” Lauren, The Wholesome Hunter
Don’t know how to make zoats (zucchini oats) check out my recipe here or here.


“One of my tips would be that you shouldn’t decorate a similar bowl in the same way too often/if at all! I feel that you need to mix it up in order to attract more people! Obviously stick to your style- that will be quite similar but don’t always do the same! I also take all my photos on my phone first on the square setting– that way you’ll know exactly how the photo will sit on Instagram! ” Hannah, hannaheats.

Healthy & Psyched blog

Use a variety of ingredients from the Superfoodio discovery box (e.g. berry powders, cacao nibs, nut butters) and pair with fresh fruits such as layered bananas, cut kiwis etc.”Nirali, Superfoodio.

mollybhealthy“You don’t have to get everything in the whole picture – try choosing your favourite area of the bowl, the bit with the most toppings, or the prettiest colours etc, zoom, focus and photograph that area instead. I like taking photos of half the bowls and having the contrast of the white background in the other half!” Molly, @mollybhealthy


Contrast is key – if you have a really colourful or vibrant bowl, why not using a white or play background? For wooden, white and ceramic bowls, I like to add vibrant prints. White bowls work best with colourful fruit as well as the focus is on the content itself!” Fab,

green and aquamarine

“Props are what brings your photo to life, and can be obtained cheaply from charity shops, markets and other surprising places. Think about interesting crockery and cutlery, but also look for cloth offcuts as well as items that can work as backgrounds. Don’t be afraid to make use of flowers and products that you have in your house to build up a story within your photo.” Eleanor, Green+Aquamarine


“My top tip would be if you can go for food styling or photography course, it is worth the money! Just do a good research before purchasing anything. This is my true experience, I have done a few and each time I attend one my photography skills get better and better.” Hedi,  Hedi Hearts

I hope you enjoyed these tips and remember that you can apply them to other pictures you might want to take.

Do you have a tip that hasn’t been covered here?
Let me know in the comments. I always love to learn new tricks!

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