Super exciting news – I have been shortlisted for the Health Blog Awards 2017 in category of Best Vegan Blog (a blog that covers topics around veganism and vegan recipes).

Health Blog Awards 2017 Shortlist Voting Open

Read about the award ceremony here

Rachel & Jessica Award Winning Health Bloggers


In case you’re curious, here’s word-for-word what I wrote on my application form. Unfortunately, I didn’t save what the questions were – I think the first one was along the lines of ‘summarise what your blog is about’ and the second part was ‘why should we pick you?’. Some of the content is slightly repeated because I wasn’t sure if they would use the first question/summary for promotion purposes.

Answer 1: Health and wellbeing should be fun, easy and inclusive. Healthy & Psyched aims to make it just that by being accessible to everyone, from health nuts to people who are curious and even intimidated about navigating the world of ‘healthier choices’. Healthy & Psyched is run by Rachel Evans, a health and behaviour change psychology PhD student with a qualification in nutritional therapy and an active lifestyle. On the blog Rachel posts a range of recipes, lifestyle tips and reviews to get readers inspired in the kitchen and teach them how to make healthy tweaks to their lifestyle. On her instagram Rachel shares about her daily life and connects with like minded people who love peanut butter, avocado and a good workout.

Although all of the recipes on Healthy & Psyched blog and instagram are vegan and there are tips on how to eat vegan meals, Healthy & Psyched does not promote a restrictive diet or force a particular lifestyle on anyone. Furthermore, there are tips from qualified personal trainers and nutritionists, so you can be sure that the advice is credible and evidence based.

Healthy & Psyched is designed to help people to make healthier choices, fill their plate with fruit and vegetables and fill their life with happiness.


why go to a blogger event

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Answer 2: Why me?

#1 – I believe that healthy living should be accessible to everyone, so while I do get excited about the latest superfood powder or exercise craze, I also make sure to post lots of recipes with ingredients that anyone can find at their local super market. With this in mind, I did a series of recipes called ‘plant-based on a budget’ in collaboration with Aldi where the recipes cost on average less than 80p per portion.

#2 – I want my site to give credible and evidence-based advice. I DO NOT want to be one of the bloggers promoting disordered eating, excessive exercise or anything physically or mentally dangerous. My blog and social media accounts are focused on promoting health rather than what can become an obsessive quest to avoid disease. I am a health behaviour change psychologist with a qualification in nutritional therapy and have articles on the blog from registered nutritionists and qualified personal trainers to cover areas of health that I do not feel confident or qualified to talk about.

#3 Although all of the recipes on Healthy & Psyched blog and instagram are vegan and there are tips on how to eat vegan meals, Healthy & Psyched does not promote a restrictive diet or force a particular lifestyle on anyone. I want to encourage people to fill their plate with fruits and vegetables and try vegan foods but I would never be ‘preachy’ about it. I think this helps to keep my blog accessible to everyone and enjoyable to read.

#4 I really value the community that has formed around Healthy & Psyched – everyone is so positive and encouraging. Many of my followers have become friends and I feel that blogging is so much more than a hobby to me now. I don’t churn out content for likes or page views (although let’s not lie, it’s always a nice feeling when something is popular)- I want to create recipes that taste amazing and other people will love and to write articles to help people.


Health Bloggers Community Awards

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Above it s little throwback to me winning Health Blogger of the Year 2016!

I am really looking forward to the awards ceremony and promise to post about the event even if I don’t win.

One last time in case you still haven’t decided to vote. Please spend a minute to…

Vote for Healthy & Psyched as BEST VEGAN BLOG.

P.S. If you would like to come but are undecided because you don’t know any of the other bloggers then please don’t worry – everyone is super friendly and I would be more than happy to hang out with you on the night 🙂


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