Exciting news- I’ve been short listed for the NEW BLOG category in the Health Blog Awards run by Health Bloggers Community. When I entered I didn’t even dream that Healthy & Psyched would be short listed, but it has been!! I can’t quite believe it and it would mean so much if you’d vote for healthyandpsyched.com. Update (01/06/2016) : Voting has now closed.

Second update (21/06/2016) : I won Blogger of the Year!!! But please read on to find out more about the Health Bloggers Community and Healthy & Psyched).

In this post I want to explain about the Health Bloggers Community and Awards and help you to get to know me and my blog better if you’re undecided on voting.

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The HBC and Blog Awards

The ‘HBC’ is the first and largest community of health bloggers in the world. It provides an online resource for us to connect with other bloggers and brands. They host a magazine, forum and academyhttp://academy.healthbloggerscommunity.com/?affcode=30861_ssbxtsgf. This is the first year they’re running the Health Blog Awards. The winner will be decided by judging and a public vote.

Healthy & Psyched- A New Blog

Healthy & Psyched started as a way for me to share my love of healthy eating but it’s changed into something much more. I think my boyfriend encouraged me to start a blog because he was fed up of me talking his ear off about the new superfood powder I’d brought or latest vegetable that I’d tried to spiralize!

Healthy & Psyched gives me somewhere to share my passion and I’d love for you get involved and excited about healthy living too. On the site I share recipes and lifestyle tips, which I hope will make you feel better in your body and better about yourself.

At least once a week I post a delicious plant-based recipe that’s packed with nutritious ingredients.  Almost all of recipes contain at least one serving of fruit and/or vegetables per portion and so are packed with vitamins and minerals to get you healthy and psyched. I love to eat the rainbow and steer clear of refined sugar and processed flours and this is reflected in my recipes. I also love smoothies for breakfast and so they make up a large chunk of the recipes.

Every week I try and post some healthy living tips, such as what to do if you can’t sleep. Recently I’ve upped my blogging game and introduced guest posts and interviews! I don’t pretend to know everything about health, fitness and wellbeing and I want to give you advice from people who really know their stuff. Iona’s post on 5 reasons to exercise outdoors and Tasneem’s tips for making the perfect raw cake have been my favourite collaborations so far. I’ve also got some more brilliant posts in the pipeline, which I can’t wait to share.

photo credit @v_gdesserts

On the blog you’ll also find reviews of restaurants, products and events I think would be of interest to anyone wanting to live a healthy life. I’ll admit that sometimes I ask brands for a cheeky discount because if I didn’t it would get super expensive to run the blog and I’m currently living on a student budget. But I promise to always post an honest review.

Please take a look around. I’d love to know what you think- the good and the bad.

Is there a question I haven’t answered yet or topic not covered?

I really want to help you through Healthy & Psyched, so please don’t be shy about leaving a comment or emailing me.

Also don’t be alarmed if you see healthyandpsyched.wordpress.com with some of the same content. That was my blog until about a month ago when I decided to start my own snazzy site!!

If you like what you see please subscribe to the site. And you can connect with me on instagram, twitter,  facebook and pinterest! #healthyandpsyched.

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