Over the past few weeks I’ve become more confident in sharing my breakfast bowls with you guys on instagram. Through trial and error I’ve picked up a few tricks that help my photos look more interesting and eye-catching.

I’m gonna embarrass myself slightly by showing you guys some of the first breakfast bowls I posted on instagram when I first started, followed by how my bowls look now.



Hopefully you agree that I’ve improved my presentation.


5 Tips To Improve Your Pictures

1. Find good light

This is definitely one of the most important things. Take your picture by a window or some people even go outside for good natural light. If it’s not light enough your picture will be grainy. Most of the ‘then’ pictures I took under a desk lamp because it was the middle of winter and dark in the mornings. I’m definitely asking for some lighting equipment for my birthday so I don’t have the same problem next year.

2. Use colour

Different coloured toppings can help to make your photo more attractive. It can also help the different elements to stand out. For example, if you put raspberries on a pink smoothie they might get a bit lost compared to say, blueberries.

3. Make patterns

I love making patterns, be that straight lines, circles or something more abstract. You could even cut your fruit into cute heart or star shapes. The more practice you have the better you’ll get. Just do what feels natural for you and don’t try too hard- the effort doesn’t always pay off and you might end up getting frustrated if it isn’t ‘perfect’.

4. Get the right sized bowl

You’re breakfast isn’t going to look nice if it’s hidden in a shadow at the bottom of your bowl! This can be remedied by buying a smaller bowl. You can get them for £1 or £2. Although, I still have a problem sometimes when my housemates use my smaller bowl and keep it in their room!

5. Keep it clean

Make sure to clean the sides of your bowl to make the photo look more professional. If you’ve put any topping in a line try and make sure they’re straight (I struggle with this!!), and you haven’t got any stray toppings. For example, sometimes coconut flakes can get where you don’t want them! I also like to use a white background (which is literally just white A4 paper).

And a bonus trick that I learnt from Amber @rawveganblonde

Take multiple photos and review them after you’ve taken a few. This can help you to spot if something is out of place, or if the colours aren’t working together. That way you can fix it before you post the real thing.

Hope you’ve found those tips useful.
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How do you keep your breakfast bowls looking nice?



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