You might think he’s bananas, but Justin Martin plans to raise £5000 in just 28 days to help open the UKs first permanent banana icecreamery.

NANABAR will be situated in London and serve all natural, organic, gluten free & 100% vegan icecream made with bananas!

interview justin NANABAR

Want to know more about where you can eat the drool-worthy nicecream (a.k.a. banana icecream) pictured above?  I caught up with Justin to ask him about NANABAR.

And if you want to see more #foodporn of the nicecream check out the crowd funding video at the bottom of the page!

How did you come up with the idea for NANABAR?

I knew I wanted to start a brand based on 3 values – health, happiness and honesty, but, I had to find a product – I stumbled across ‘nicecream’ on Instagram a couple of months back and after experimenting for a few days I realised it was the perfect product – healthy because it’s bananas, happy because it’s nice cream and honest because it’s literally just bananas.

Hehe. Nicecream certainly makes me happy! What delicious flavours and toppings can we expect?

We’ll have a create your own option along with a set menu with flavours like Pecan Pie, Strawberry Shortcake and Piña Colada (pictured below)!

NANABAR flavours

What’s your favourite fruit or vegetable (you can’t say bananas)?

Papaya! I couldn’t stand it at first but now I can’t get enough of it! It’s incredibly good for you. I enjoy it fresh with the skin kept on, or in a smoothie (usually with banana) – along with the seeds for extra goodness.

How do you stay healthy and psyched?

Functional fitness, clean eating and getting out of my comfort zone are all a part of my daily routine – along with taking a cold shower!



When I spoke to Justin he also said that his vision for NANABAR was for people to leave feeling happier than when they came in. I think that’s so admirable and definitely the sort of place I’d like to visit. Do you agree?

If you believe in the ethos of NANABAR and would like to enjoy all natural, organic, gluten free & 100% vegan icecream, then join me in pledging to the crowd funding campaign. (Update: NOW CLOSED)

NANABAR will be situated in London, and even if you’re not close by I really urge you to donate a small amount. You could help hundreds of people to enjoy a frozen dessert that’s healthier for them and the environment. And hopefully inspire them to make nicecream at home. I know I won’t be able to visit NANABAR often but the joy I felt donating and knowing I am part of something special was priceless.




Stay in the know by connecting with Justin on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

(notes: You might have seen that I won the most epic giveaway ever from NANABAR. I was already planning to write this blog post and donate to the campaign before I won because I really believe in NANABAR and would be so excited to visit when it opens).


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