I’d love to introduce you to my very talented friend Jordan from Leitchy Creates. She makes and sells the most delicious melt-in-your-mouth (mostly) raw chocolates and sweet treats in her online shop and on stalls in Sheffield, UK.

In this blog post you can read my thoughts on her summer chocolate box, which is a mix of 6 individual truffle chocolates, followed by an interview with Jordan about how she learnt to cook, where she gets inspiration and what keeps her healthy and psyched.

Leitchy Creates Chocolate Box Review  

I think that the Leitchy Creates chocolates are the right balance of indulgent and light. They’re rich and sweet but don’t leave you feeling sick. I love the diverse range of flavours in the box including fruits, such as lemon and cherry, along with more classic dessert flavours, such as cookie dough, caramel and peanut butter.

There is something for everyone in the chocolate box.

Leitchy Creates Raw Vegan Chocolates

Photo: Leitchy Creates – Summer Box

My favourite chocolate was the Raw Berry Baobab Bomb because it had a really punchy berry flavour, which I wasn’t expecting. In close second was the Salted Caramel Bar Bite because I loved the mix of textures from the caramel and nutty base. I had intended to share my box with my boyfriend but I ended up eating them all myself!!

Leitchy Creates Slated Caramel Chocolate

These chocolate boxes are competitively priced considering that Jordan is an independent chocolatier and makes such good quality chocolates. They are all vegan friendly, gluten-free and mostly raw.

I think that they would make a great gift because they are more unusual than something that you could find on the high street or in a supermarket. Having said that, you will have to be careful about how you store them because they will melt very easily if placed directly in the sun or somewhere warm. I gave a box to my mum for her birthday and they were all melted by the time she opened them so she couldn’t work out which chocolate was which flavour because they didn’t look like they did on the little insert haha! I have spoken with Jordan and she said she is trying to work out how to make them more identifiable in the next box- although trying to guess which is which is kind of fun!


 Interview with Jordan from Leitchy Creates

Jordan from Leitchy Creates

When did you realise that you can make such delicious recipes? Have you always loved cooking and baking?

I’ve always loved to bake. I used to go to my Grandma’s and just spend the weekend stood on a stool in the kitchen so that I could reach the worktop and help her cook the Sunday dinner. I had ‘pastry fingers’ as she called it, so I was the one who would roll out the pastry for the meat pie and then make the crumble. These are the memories of cooking that stick with me most and what I like to remember. My Grandma spent her days in the kitchen baking, she made everything from scratch and she is the one who I believe to have got my baking gene and love from.
I loved to bake from since I can remember but I only started to love to cook, probably from around June 2016. Before that, my Mum did all the cooking and then food became an obsession for me and something to control rather than a hobby and something that relaxes and excites me. Before I struggled with IBS, I struggled with Orthorexia for a good two years and still a little bit whilst I had my IBS but then in June, when I decided to ditch the tablets, I then began to fall back in love with cooking, the mental benefits and all the different flavours, textures and ways of cooking.  As well as how it brings people together and helps people with dietary requirements like myself, eat their old favourites.
I guess I realised what I was doing was tasty from my family really! I’ve got a proper yorkshire born and bred family, so If they like my healthy take on things, I know I’ve done good haha! Other than that, I guess I really realised from when I started to do a stall once a month, the feedback and especially when people came back for more!

Where do you get inspiration for your recipes?

Inspiration comes from all over! I like to recreate a lot of recipes from my Grandma’s old cookbooks or cookbooks my Mum used to cook from when we were little. Also I recreate a lot of recipes from meals I’ve had when I’m out, in particular on holiday. Flicking through magazines, through pictures on instagram and also a lot from my grocers. I love eating with the seasons and playing about with new vegetables I’ve never seen or cooked with before. It makes things more exciting and adventurous and its also really good for you as you’re eating nutrients you’ve never tried before.
Raw Vegan Chocolates UK

Photo: Leitchy Creates

Can you tell us the secret to making such beautifully smooth and shiny chocolate? Whenever I’ve tried it hasn’t set properly or it has a weird texture!

Haha! It’s probably the hardest thing to cook ever!
Temperature is key, also humidity and string techniques. It’s a rather stressful process but really enjoyable at the same time! I like to focus on the outcome! Dreading summer though! When it’s hot, it’s pretty impossible to temper chocolate.

What motivated you to start a business selling the chocolate boxes?

I’d be doing stalls for 4/5 months and my chocolates were always the things that sold the most, looked the most impressive and blew people away. I think it’s because they taste so luxury, indulgent and flavoursome as well as been made of completely natural ingredients. Anyway, It was actually the lady in my local deli who was told me to look into boxes. Everyone loves chocolates and its the go to gift. Theres no one I know of doing filled natural chocolates that are free from everything except nuts, I’ve only seen people doing chocolate bars. So basically, I saw a gap in the market and jumped at it!
Leitchy Creates Chocolate Box Review - Raw Vegan

Photo: Leitchy Creates

What are 3 ingredients that you couldn’t live without and why?

This is the hardest question but then again, pretty easy and typical blogger at the same time!
1. Nut butter, I put it in and on everything, sweet or savoury and also every night without fail, I like to go into the kitchen before I head up to bed and stuff a heaped spoonful of nut butter into my mouth for that stodgy goodness feeling!
2. Olive oil. Is that weird? but I go through so much! Amazing to dress dishes, fry, roast, bake, make things look pretty, add depth etc.
3. Sauerkraut. haha! I think it’s because I’ve had so many digestive issues, I sort of swear by it and it goes with anything savoury, literally anything! I’m also loving other fermented vegetables! They’re really good for your gut and they also act like vinegar or salt and pepper or tamari etc. They just bring out flavours in a dish.
Can I do a fourth? If so, garlic and onions. A savoury dish should always start with garlic and onions. Most that do, are bound to taste good! Can’t go wrong!

What is one of your favourite recipes on your blog?

I love my sweet potato chocolate mousse recipe – it’s so sweet, rich and indulgent.
Rich and indulgent vegan chocolate mousee recipe. Refined sugar free

Photo: Leitchy Creates

How do you stay healthy and psyched?

I love this question. I have a routine and a weekly planner. I plan my week on Sunday evening and add to it as I go on day to day.
I’m up about 7am and make myself a pretty nutritious breakfast this is normally sweet. Then I head to the gym, It really sets me up for a positive day, relaxes me and makes me feel good about myself mentally. Throughout the day I have my three hearty meals and normally two to three snacks to keep my blood sugars level, this is for my mental state. If my blood sugars are level, the more productive and positive and less anxious I tend to be. I’m also such a 10pm bed girl but I think it’s good to go to bed at the same time every night, as you’re bound to have a better nights kip and the hours before midnight are the most important.
So, I go to the gym three times a week and make sure a eat healthy. I also try and make sure I have weekends off and spend time with my family. It’s so hard to switch off from your own business, especially when you’re the only one behind it. But it’s so important to switch off and have me time. I think it makes for a more productive week in the long run. I also try not to go on social media as much at the weekends, especially sundays. It’s important to switch off from that world and again focus on the present. I like to go on Sunday walks as I know I’ll have no signal and therefore I’m truly switched off.
I also try and interact with people with the same interests. It can be quite lonely when you’re not surrounded with people with the same interests, so thats why I’m up and down to london all the time to socialise with people who get me! I try and be positive as possible about everything but I am human and also suffer with anxiety so its not always easy but learning how to escape those thoughts when they creep into our mind is so important. For me its cooking and singing. You can’t focus on anything else when you’re cooking singing and dancing!!
 Raw Vegan Chocolate Box - Leitchy Creates available in the UK
I hope you enjoyed this interview. I wanted to posted it yesterday because it was NATIONAL CHOCOLATE DAY but then my laptop broke, which was such a nightmare! What is a blogger without their laptop?
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