On Saturday 16th September it was the Northern Blog Awards, held at the Principal Hotel in Manchester.

Healthy & Psyched at the Northern Blog Awards 2017

It was pretty dark at the venue, so I couldn’t take good photos. But I did find a pretty gold pineapple!

I was shortlisted for the Best Healthy Food & Eating Blog (sponsored by  Love Raw) along with some other  amazing blogs:

Spamella B – spamellab.com

Medicinal Kitchen – medicinalkitchen.co.uk

Nadia’s Healthy Kitchen – nadiashealthykitchen.com

Stacey Hogan – staceyhogan.com

Northern Blog Awards 2017 Ceremony

My boyfriend and I arrived in Manchester a few hours early and checked into the hotel, which had beautiful décor and gorgeous high ceilings!

The Principle Manchester Hotel Room - Northern Blog Awards 2017 The Principle Manchester Bathroom - Northern Blog Awards

Then I dragged my boyfriend round the shops so I could look for a new pair of shoes! Unfortunately I didn’t find any, but we had fun exploring an area of Manchester I’ve never seen before (despite having visited the city about 5 times).

As a nominee I was invited to a drinks reception before the ceremony started and we enjoyed some free Prosecco! I don’t usually drink alcohol, but I do like a glass to celebrate on occasion.

Northern Blog Awards - Healthy Food & Eating

Photo credit: http://www.thevain.co.uk/

After the reception everyone went downstairs to the Ballroom for some fun taking photos in sets provided by the sponsors of the Northern Blog Awards before meal and presentations began. I think the photo booths were a nice touch because it put me in a fun mood for the evening. It was also a nice way to meet new people, when they asked you to take a photo of them and vice-versa.

Northern Blog Awards 2017, The Principal Hotel

Photo credit: http://www.thevain.co.uk/

Photo credit: http://www.thevain.co.uk/

They also had some old skool arcade games, which I had to tear my boyfriend away from!

Arcade games at the Northern Blog Awards 2017

After photos and mingling we sat down for a delicious three course dinner.

Northern Blog Awards 2017, The Principal Hotel


Northern Blog Awards 2017

Unfortunately, it was rather dark and I couldn’t take very good photos of my food – a nightmare for a food blogger like me! I had a slightly odd cold soup for starter, but the butternut squash risotto for the main course was delicious and curiously cheesy considering it was the vegan option! I also enjoyed the fruit for dessert and a glass of rose!

Once dessert and coffee was finished it was time for the winners of the Northern Blog Awards 2017 to be announced.

Northern Blog Awards 2017, The Principal Hotel

Holly- who organised the Norther Blog Awards. Photo credit: http://www.thevain.co.uk/

I wasn’t a winner in my category, but I was still pleased to have been nominated and to have attended the awards. Spamella B was the winner of Best Healthy Food + Eating Blog and I was so pleased for her. Pamella has been a real inspiration for me. I have been following her on social media since before I started blogging and I have linked to her articles on my blog before. She is a freelance blogger and recipe developer who makes delicious creations such as seeded vegan gluten-free sweet potato breadraw layered  espresso chocolate cheesecake and  vegan superfood white chocolate bites.

Northern Blog Awards 2017, The Principal Hotel

Me with my new friend Danielle from KHIT. Photo credit: http://www.thevain.co.uk/

My boyfriend was pretty merry when it was time to dance and we got a bit silly taking photos and making friends. I m usually a fairly serious and sometimes highly strung person and it was so nice to metaphorically let my hair down (that twisted plait took me ages to get right and there was no way I was taking it out!).

Northern Blog Awards - photo booths, poleroid camera photos

I used to think that being healthy was all about drinking green smoothies, having no alcohol and being in bed by 10pm, but now I really value having fun and feeling free as well. Don’t get me wrong, I love green smoothies and a good nights sleep, but it doesn’t hurt to have a night out every now and then, and I do know my limit when it comes to alcohol. I think that exploring what’s healthy and finding a balance is part of growing up and I’m glad I have been through my university phase of heavy nights out, a period of abstinence and then finding a happy medium.

Back to talk about the awards –  Overall it was a brilliant evening and I want to say a massive thank you to Holly from Holly Goes Lightly for organising the event. She did exceptionally well and I really appreciate having an event dedicated to Northern bloggers.

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