Did you notice that I posted more than usual last week?

I’ve been feeling inspired again thanks to the Health Bloggers Community meet up (#HBCxMeet) that I attended last weekend.

To be honest I really wasn’t feeling like going on the day because my hair was really greasy and I didn’t have time for a shower before my train. Plus my makeup wasn’t going on properly because the weather in making my skin is so dry! I was having a crisis of self-confidence and didn’t feel like meeting anyone new! But since I’d booked my train I thought I should go. Now I’m so glad I did!

Before the event I had an amazing brunch with my friends Lucy (Little Luxury Foods) and Romy (Romy London UK) , who I know through the Health Bloggers Community. Then at the meet up I bumped into a few faces I know from instagram but have never met in person @katharineflute, @leishamulvey, @train_strong_to_live_strong I’m talking about you!), which was a nice surprise.


If you run a health and/or wellbeing blog or instagram account or you’re interested in setting one up then I think you’d really love to attend a meet up (the next one is the Health Bloggers Summit – 15th April 2017- details here).

Health bloggers community meet up

Photo credit: Romy London UK.

7 reasons to go to a HBC meet up

1.Meet brands

There were 10+ brands at the meet up who were all keen to talk to bloggers and let us try their products. Meeting brands face-to-face is a great way to get to know them and if you’re lucky you could get some extra samples or arrange to collaborate with them.

The number of brands varies depending on the meet-up but I can almost guarantee there will be at least a few brands who will get you excited to work with them.

talking to brands at the HBCxMeet

Here’s me and my terrible hair talking to the girls from Skinny Dipping. Photo credit Fab Giovanetti (more photos on the healthbloggers facebook page)

2.Try new things

Related to the point above- you will get to try new products that you might not have come across before. For example, I had heard of the brand Heck, but I thought that they only sold ‘healthier’ meat sausages. But it turns out that they do a vegan range as well! The Thai bites were actually really nice and I have since spotted them in my local supermarket and got a pack.

Through my blog I want to help people learn about new healthy foods and brands, so I think it’s important to keep learning yourself and try new things.

HBC review: meet brands like Heck


3. Meet bloggers

Meeting other bloggers is my favourite part of a meet up. It’s so interesting to talk to other health bloggers who take a different focus on their blog, for example mental health or fitness. Everyone I have met has been so friendly and I’m sure you would have a great time meeting people.

I have made some lovely friends though the blogging community and taken part in some collaborations. Here are just a few of the guest posts on my site:

Confessions of a Health Blogger: Libby’s Health Bites

Vegan Protein Doughnuts (Leisha Mulvey)

Radish and Ginger Smoothie Bowl (@thegoodavocado)

If you’d like to guest post for me then get in touch (healthyandpsyched@gmail.com)

why go to a blogger event

Me, Lucy and Romy. Photo credit Fab Giovanetti (more photos on the healthbloggers facebook page).

4.Get advice

At the meet up we had a Q&A session with Fab Giovanetti – the founder of the Health Bloggers Community. Fab is very knowledgeable and she answered all sorts of questions about blog layouts, how to grow your instagram following and what to charge when collaborating with brands. It was really great to get some firsthand advice.

If you can’t make it to a meet-up then you can join the online community and ask questions or sign-up for a blogging course with the Health Bloggers Academy (I have done several and highly recommend them).

why go to a blogger meet up

The lovely Fab

5.Get Freebies!

I already mentioned this earlier, but brands at the meet up gave out samples. In addition, we all got a goodie bag that was jam packed with things from Bounce bliss balls, to Indigo Herbs Mango powder (which I already had but I wouldn’t turn down more!) and Maple Water!

review health bloggers meet up

6.Get Inspired

Speaking to so many people who are passionate about blogging is bound to get you fired up and the ideas for new blog posts flowing.

In this meet up we were also lucky enough to have a talk from Healthy Fit Fran, who has a successful blog and instagram account. She is a professional dancer and through her account she has managed to contact her idol (Madonna’s choreographer) and go to New York for personal  dance lessons!  She has also used social media to work with a huge range of brands and made opportunities for herself. It was really inspiring to hear just what you can achieve!

review health bloggers meet up and why you should attend

Photo credit Fab Giovanetti

7.Have fun

Most importantly, there was a brilliant atmosphere. Perhaps helped by the free Twisted Halo drinks! Although I didn’t have any I still had an amazing time.

reasons to attend a blogger meet up

Photo credit: Romy London UK


When’s the next meet up?

The next meet up is very exciting. The first EVER Health Blogging Summit on the 15th April 2017 in London, UK.

Check out this link for more details and to buy tickets


Have you ever been to a blogger meet up? What was your experience?


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