As a breakfast lover, I was super excited to be invited to the bloggers breakfast organised by Nutri-Brex at The Hoxton, Shoreditch, to celebrate the launch of their new gluten-free Crispy Rice & Coconut Cereal.

glutenfree cereal nutri-brex


Nutri-Brex is a start-up brand of gluten-free cereal made from sorghum.  This grain has a neutral sweet favour and contains phytochemicals which are thought to inhibit certain cancers and promote cardiovascular health.

Plus it’s

  • high fiber
  • high protein
  • low fat

Do you think it sounds fantastic so far?

glutenfree nutri-brex

Well, to be 100% honest, when I first looked at the ingredients list I wasn’t convinced that Nutri-Brex fit with my current healthy eating values. Despite the benefits I listed above, both the Original and Coconut & Crispy Rice flavour contain golden syrup, and the latter also contains added sugar. And generally I try to eat natural foods, which means that a cereal with added sugar would rarely make it into my shopping basket (note I say rarely – not never).

However, Letty one of the brains behind Nutri-Brex pointed out that the total sugar content per portion (3 biscuits) is only 1g for the Original and 4.1g for the new Coconut & Crispy Rice flavour. And I think she makes a good point – that’s pretty low compared to most other cereals – even if you made your own at home you’d probably add more sugar (unless you made my low sugar cinnamon granola!). Plus, compared to most other low sugar cereals on the market Nutri-Brex tastes delicious so you wouldn’t need to add any extra sweeteners.

I was also surprised to find out how versatile this cereal is. Ceri Jones from Natural Kitchen Adventures and winner of the Health Bloggers Community – Free From Blog of the Year, had created a range of delicious goodies made using Nutri-Brex for us to try.


8 ways to eat Nutri-Brex

1.Straight up – with milk/ yoghurt and your choice of toppings.

I like fruit! But if you’re stuck for inspiration check out this blog post.

nutribrex glutenfree cereal with fruit

2.As a snack biscuit.

Swap your cereal bar for a Coconut & Crispy Rice Nutri-Brex and if you’re feeling adventurous top it with some nut butter. Just be careful not to get crumbs everywhere.

3.Baked as granola

Use crushed Nutri-brex in place of oats in your granola recipe!

homemade granola with cereal

4.Cooked into a pancake batter

Use crushed Nutri-Brex in place of some of the flour in your pancake recipe.

glutenfree pancakes

5.As a flour substitute in bread…

Use blended Nutri-Brex in place of some of the flour in your recipe. But note that it will probably turn out a bit denser than normal.

nutribrex bread

nutribrex bread

6….or banana bread

Add texture to your banana bread by adding crushed Nutri-Brex.

nutribrex banana bread

7.Blended into bliss balls (pictured above).

This was my personal favourite recipe from Ceri. I loved the texture of the crunchy rice and it was like a grown up version of the Krispie cakes I used to make when I was younger.

Blend up dates, almond butter and cacao powder, and then add in crushed nutribrex and pulse until combined.

8.Whizzed up in a smoothie.

add cereal to your smoothie

All of the recipes created by Ceri were delicious and very filling, which is exactly what I want from a breakfast.

I’ve definetly been inspired to try and incorporate Nutri-Brex into a recipe. And I think the team behind Nutri-Brex have really achieved their mission to ‘re-define and revolutionise breakfast’.

Do you agree?

gluten free pancakes

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