Want to eat ‘freakishly delicious & indulgent puds made from plants’?

Freaks of Nature promise to deliver just that.


Freaks of Nature puddings are free from gluten, dairy, eggs, soya and refined sugar, which might be music to your ears, or it might automatically start alarm bells ringing as you think ‘these can’t possibly taste as good as they claim’. Rest assured, however, that these are totally rich, indulgent and delicious.



Let me start by telling you about the chocolate COCOA LOCO pudding.

The bottom ganache layer was rich, dark and chocolatey, which paired well with the lighter and creamy top layer, and the sweet, crunchy nut topping. To get the creamy texture Freaks of Nature have used cashew nuts, coconut milk and coconut oil. I found that taste of the coconut was a little stronger than I might have liked in this pudding, but that didn’t stop me from finishing it! Overall, I liked that the pudding wasn’t too sweet and it maintained the integrity of the chocolate flavour. Sometimes I find that brands add so much sweetener and you can end up feeling sick before you’re half way through your dessert!

Freaks of nature. Cocoa Loco chocolate pudding

The MANGO FANDANGO had a delicious tangy bottom layer with a strong but very natural mango flavour. Like the Cocoa Loco, the topping was smooth and creamy and this one had a nice vanilla flavour. I think that it was a genius idea to add the crunchy pistachios on top – they were sooooooooooo good! This pud was also made with coconut, but I didn’t find the flavour as strong as in the cocoa loco.

Freaks of Nature - vegan, glutenfree, soya free desserts. They're smooth creamy and indulgent. Made with no refined sugar or flours

Lastly, the ZINGY THING was a zesty lemon possit on top of a ‘zingy’ raspberry coulis. Again, I was please that the fruit tasted real. In fact, it actually reminded me of my mum’s Lemon Meringue Pie, which is quite a compliment because all of my family love how fresh and zesty her pie is. I enjoyed this Freaks of Nature pudding, but I would have liked a topping to it, just because the crunchy bits on the other puds were so nice!


Since the puddings are made from nuts and natural sugars I found them all to be incredibly filling and satisfying. The portions are quite generous and it’s nice that the pots come with a little lid, so you could save half  for later if you wanted to.

IMG_20171004_123927-01When I posted a little boomerang video of the puds on instagram I received comments from fellow health bloggers saying how much they love the Freaks of Nature puddings. I also had someone comment that they wanted to try them but thought that they were quite expensive. Freaks of Nature are currently selling for £2.29 each in Waitrose, which is about 50p more than similar products in the same section of the supermarket that aren’t vegan and gluten-free. I agreed that they’re not cheap if you’re on a very tight budget, but as I mentioned they are ‘free-from’ and they do taste really good, so the puds are something nice to treat yourself to if they fit your dietary requirements or you just want a little indulgence.

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Have you ever tried Freaks of Nature puddings?


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