A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I were lucky enough to be asked along to try the new summer menu at Italia Uno. The restaurant and take away opened in 2016 in Banner Cross/ Ecclesall Road, Sheffield and 18 months later is still going strong.

Kym and her father Saverio opened the restaurant with the aim to serve authentic Italian food with fresh locally sourced ingredients. I think they have absolutely excelled in this goal. Kym proudly told us how they source great quality local ingredients with at least 70% being organic. The crushed tomatoes used in many of the dishes, however, are imported from Italy to get that authentic taste.

I was super excited that Italia Uno have a comprehensive vegan menu ranging from garlic bread, to pasta, pizza, risotto and more! There is also a dedicated menu with gluten-free options and with under 500-calorie options.

Italia Uno Summer Menu Review of Vegan Options

Italia Uno Sheffield Vegan Menu Review

It was a really tough choice to decide what to order. While we were deciding we were offered a 12″ pizza garlic bread with tomato and cheese, which we were happy to accept. I also had a turmeric Pukka tea from their impressive range of teas.

The garlic bread was absolutely delicious – the vegan ‘cheese’ was surprisingly cheesy and I loved how thin the base was. I’m not a great lover of bread when it’s too doughy and this was perfect. I also liked how the chef had thoughtfully made a little barrier to stop my boyfriend’s dairy cheese from melting onto my half!

Italia Uno Sheffield Best Vegan Pizza Garlic Bread

When we finally decided on a main course it took around 20 minutes to arrive. It was a Friday night and Italia Uno seemed busy with take away orders. It was really interesting to hear the orders that came in and I noticed that most people made changes to what was on the menu. All of the food is made fresh at Italia Uno, so you can customise it to your liking.

Italia Uno Sheffield Vegan Menu Review

My boyfriend ordered the meatiest pizza on the menu and the arancini  (deep fried homemade rice balls stuffed with mozzarella cheese, ham and tomato). He loved the crisp base on the pizza and thought the food was excellent.

I ordered the Linguine Barbabietola– shredded beetroot, garlic, cashew nuts, cooked in coconut oil and topped with fresh rocket. I opted for the gluten free spaghetti made with rice and maize flour because I prefer it over traditional wheat pasta. I’ve never thought to cook beetroot in this way before but it tasted amazing and looked pretty. I also ordered the butternut squash with cashews nuts, which were nicely toasted to release the flavour. I really enjoyed the dish and I will be making something similar at home very soon!

Italia Uno Sheffield Review Vegan Menu

We also had a side of vegan ‘pulled pork’, made with jackfruit and homemade barbeque sauce. Kym told us it was very popular and a customer had actually rung up after they received their order thinking that there was real pork on the pizza! So we were intrigued and had to try it.

Italia Uno Sheffield Vegan Pulled Pork with Jackfruit

The vegan pulled pork tasted 100% like barbeque pork and looked equally as impressive. It wasn’t really to my taste because I don’t like barbeque sauce, but if you’re a fan and have been missing it in your life I can definitely recommend this  vegan version from Italia Uno. It isn’t quite as chewy as real pork but it will satisfy your cravings.

I was so stuffed that I had to have half of my pasta to take away. I ate it the next day with some canned tomatoes, kale, peas and sweetcorn. The flavour of the garlic was still coming through strongly and it was very tasty.

Italia Uno Sheffield Vegan Menu leftovers


Needless to say – there was no room for dessert!

Overall, I was really impressed with our meal. All of the food was fresh and full of flavour. I loved the finishing touches like the rocket on top of my pasta and honestly it didn’t feel like we were eating take away food, which I usually think of as being quite greasy and heavy.


Finally, I would like to say a massive thankyou to Kym from Italia Uno for our complimentary meal. We were more than willing to pay for it since we ordered a lot of food and really enjoyed it, but she insisted it was on the house. Definitely a perk of blogging!


Do you like the sound of Italia Uno or are you a fan of greasy take away pizzas?


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