I’m super excited to introduce you to Jake’s Boost.

jake's boost nut butters

In my opinion they make one of the most amazing nut butters on the market at the moment. I love the taste and textures of their nut butters and snack pots, which are free from salt, sugar and palm-oil.

The range includes:

CacaoBoost Butter a creamy peanut butter with added chia seeds and cocoa nibs for crunch. This is so rich, chocolaty and satisfying.

Jake's boost nut butter no added sugar


SuperBoost Butter with Almonds, Cashews, Hazelnuts, Brazils, Pecans, Sunflower Seeds, Walnuts, Linseed, Chia Seeds & Hemps Seeds – That’s 6 nuts and 4 seeds in one jar! This is so totally unique – just look at those chunks of nut!

Jake's Boost palm oil free nut butter


TigerBoost Butter with cashews, toasted coconut, sunflower seeds and tiger nuts. The coconut is very subtle and they have used coconut flour to give in a thicker texture.

(Turns out I didn’t take a photo of this one and now I’ve eaten it all -oops).


Here are the snack pots. I think they’re great for on the go. My favourite was the TigerBoost with banana chips.

Jake's Boost Snack Pots with nut butter and dried fruit


I caught up with Ansje Germann one of the co-founders of Jake’s Boost to ask her how they make Jake’s Boost so yummy and find about more about how Jake’s Boost came to be.

There are so many nut butters out there now. What makes Jake’s Boost special?

Jake’s Boost combines novel ingredient combinations that are complementary in their health benefits, great taste and unique textures with real social impact. As far as we know, we are the only producer of a nut and seed butter with 10 different nuts and seeds. We never use any additional oils, sweeteners or sugars in our spreads. Our nut and seed butters are gluten- and dairy-free and registered with the Vegan Society.

On top of it all we give 5% of our profits to charities fighting childhood food poverty in the UK, so the consumer can be sure when they pick one of our products off of the shelf: this jar does good!

Our nut butters are like us- what you see is what you get- honest and natural. We put a lot of ourselves into the brand- making our dog Jake the mascot and namesake of the company is proof of that.

Jake's Boost Nut Butter is socially responsible

I’ve tried all three nut butters and they’re so yummy.

How did you decide on the flavour combinations and textures?

Testing, testing, and more testing. We have a big box of nuts, seeds and superfoods and a dedicated test kitchen blender. Sometimes, we end up with 15-20 little pots and none of the make the cut for the market- that of course doesn’t mean we throw them away, no nut and seed butter ever gets wasted in our house.

When we created our first three nut and seed butters, we put in the spoon in our mouths, looked at each other and knew: we are onto a winner. Our Super Boost took nearly 6 months to perfect. When it comes to textures we believe there’s more to nut butter than smooth or crunchy- ours are more…smunchy! Not really one or the other but sometimes both.

What’s your favourite way to eat Jake’s Boost- apart from by the spoonful?!

Each of our nut and seed butters have their very own perfect application. Jake’s Boost Super Boost for example makes a delicious ingredient for a salad dressing– start out with a basic French vinaigrette and add a couple of tea spoons of Super Boost. Once shaken, drizzle generously over an endive salad- heaven! Cacao Boost is ideal for baking and making bliss balls or flavour bombs as we also call them. Tiger Boost is yummy in curries and using it in a vegan Pina Colada is a revelation.

Jake's Boost snack post CacaoBoost nut butter and Orange

 Have you always known you wanted to start your own company? What inspired you to start making nut butter?

No, we had very different careers before we launched Jake’s Boost, working in film, commercials and television. When we first collaborated on creative projects, 11 years ago now, we realised that we work well as a team and the idea of running a production company together slowly formed.

We ended up launching a food business totally by chance. Being very active and outdoorsy people, we fell in love with nut butters on trip to the US a few years ago, literally carrying jars and spoons up the mountain. Back home, almond butters started to become more and more popular but mixed and seed butters were hard to come by so we started making our own.

We always knew it was going to be a social enterprise we wanted to run, only the industry we are in has changed. It was a steep learning curve but we enjoy every bit of it because it is such a creative and collaborative process. The food and drink sector, in the health and wellness field in particular, is a very welcoming and supportive community. We all share similar values and made it our mission to clean up nutrition and make it easy for consumers to make health conscious choices that look and taste great.

Jake's Boost nut butter snack pot vegan

What are the next steps for Jake’s Boost ?

We have such an exciting year ahead of us. Right now, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign on the social enterprise crowdfunding platform UpEffect. Our aim is to raise £10,000 on pre-orders and exclusive rewards such as recipe books, t-shirts, bags, office breakfasts and even the development of your very own nut butter with personalised labels. The recipe book in particular is something we are very proud of as it is a collaboration with health bloggers and recipe creators from the UK and Ireland, containing exclusive creations using our nut and seed butters just for our campaign.

If we raise the full amount, it will give us the opportunity to order the first big production from our manufacturer and spread –pun intended- the word about Jake’s Boost far and wide. Because the more jars we sell, the more children we can help feed.

Jake's Boost crowd funding


I hope you enjoyed this interview with Ansje from Jake’s Boost. If you have been drooling over the photos of nut butter (and how could you not?) I seriously recommend you go and check out their website and help support the crowd funding campaign (click here).


DISCLAIMER: This post is NOT sponsored. I love their products and the social enterprise element of the business. They are so genuine and believe in their product and I really want to help publicise the crowd funding campaign. I purchased the 3 jars of nut butter in the photos and had the three snack pots added to my order free of charge.





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