I’m super excited to announce that a new branch of Nourish has opened on Ecclesall Road in Sheffield.

Last year I wrote a whole blog post about how much I love the sweet potato options at their main store near the Peace Gardens in Sheffield city centre (they’re insane- see here!). In this post I want to tell you about some of the other healthy vegan options on their new summer menu.

Nourish Ecclesall Road Location


The menu is designed by David, a nutritionist and co-founder of Nourish restaurant and every item on the menu has a breakdown of the calories and macronutrients per portion. They also work closely with their supplier to use local and organic ingredients whenever possible.

Nourish Sheffield Healthy Vegan Food


I got to try their new menu at a blogger to celebrate the opening of Nourish on Ecclesall Road.

First up,  we tried the Mango spinach green smoothie. It was creamy and slightly sour. I liked the taste but I would have preferred the texture to be a bit smoother (check out my mango green smoothie recipe to make your own here). The other bloggers didn’t seem concerned about the texture and were seriously raving about how nice it was. Even like 10 minutes later they were still commenting about how nice it was!

Nourish Sheffield Green Smoothie

Photo taken at the Nourish Pinstone St Resturant by Paula Melissa Photography

Next I tried a selection of the food. The Rad Thai salad had a delicious Asian dressing and I loved that they used kale and a mixture of zoodles and rice noodles (which are vegan friendly). Unfortunately, I couldn’t really eat much of it because it had peppers in, which tend to make me feel sick!

Nourish Ecclesall Road - Rad Thai salad

The Brazilian beans with rice from the hot food menu also had peppers, so I gingerly tried a little spoonful. To be honest, this wasn’t exactly to my taste – it was kind of smokey, but I appreciate the range of ingredients including okra and that it has been made from scratch.

Nourish Ecclesall Road new menu- Brazilian Beans - vegan

I’m not usually one to eat wraps but the Chickpea & Chipotle Mayo wholemeal wrap was so tasty! (I have actually been back since and ordered one for my lunch!). I have no idea if it is any better for you than one you could pick up from the Co-op or Boots, but I feel like it has more veg in it, which made me happy. Plus it is a very competitive price. I love supporting a local business over a chain, so I will be going back again if I’m ever in the mood for a wrap.

Nourish Ecclesall Road vegan wrap

I was so happy to try two sweet potato options from the menu. They were delicious as predicted. Honestly, their potato is just so soft and sweet – total heaven. I would have eaten like 5 samples if I could have!

The first was topped with homemade hummus – a blend of chickpeas, sundried tomato and garlic.

Nourish Ecclesall Road Sheffield sweet potato

The second was the ‘supergreens‘ (avocado, broccoli, hemp seeds, lime juice and mint) topped with kimchi. David explained how they are trying to diversify the menu and educate customers about the benefits of fermented foods such as kimchi.

Nourish Ecclesall Road new store sweet potato

Then onto dessert!

Their avocado chocolate mousse was super smooth and tasted so rich and chocolatey! I think is a really good option if you want to satisfy a chocolate craving. I do like to make my own avocado mousse, but if make your own then you have to make quite a lot to get it to blend properly and sometimes I don’t want to eat that much!

Nourish Ecclesall road healthy chocolate avocado mousse

Last but not least the Acai pot. It was nice but a but sour for my taste. I prefer my own recipe which is a bit sweeter.

Nourish Ecclesall Road acai snack pot


Overall I would definitely recommend you check out Nourish on Ecclesall Road, Sheffield. As I said before, it is very well priced for an independent restaurant. Plus the food is made from good quality wholesome and nourishing ingredients, so you should leave feeling satisfied and not hungry half an hour later.

There are a wide variety of other dishes on the menu which are vegetarian, gluten-free and contain meat/eggs/fish, so I think there is something for everyone.

Also it is close to the Botanic Gardens and Sharrow Vale Road where there are a nice selection of independent shops.


Which dish do you like the look of best?


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