Dates are like natures sweeties. No one knows this better than BeLoved so I was super excited when I* won an instagram competition for 2 packs of their Date Fruit Hearts– original and zesty orange. As a bit of a date snob (I like soft medjool dates, none of your cheap dried-out nonsense) I was eager to give them a try.


beloved date fruit hearts review healthyandpsyched

dates review healthy and psyched

I wasn’t sure how to write this review so I decided to rate them on a number of dimensions.

Ingredients: 100% natural- only dates, with natural flavouring in the zesty orange.

Taste: The original tasted sugary and well… datey. The zesty orange were okay but they tasted like the zest rather the juice of an orange, which I don’t like.

Texture: Quite firm.  Don’t expect something comparable to squishy whole dates. But if you do by the really dry dates these are a step up.

Portion size: 5 date hearts per pack. This is a good portion size. Anymore and you’d be eating a fair bit of sugar and possibly be faced with digestive upset. But the packets are pretty sturdy so you could just eat one or two and save the rest- if you’ve got that much self-control!

Snackability: By which I mean, would this make a good on-the-go snack? Answer: Yes. The packs are a good size to slip into your bag and the date hearts give you a nice little sugar boost.

Price: They are currently selling here for 75p each or 2 for £1. Considering I could buy 12 of my favourite medjool dates for £2 it’s a bit expensive. But you’re paying for the convenience of a single portion and they’re probably cheaper than a healthy snack bar.

Health benefits: You probably know that dates are very high in sugar, but they’re also low GI. This means that the date hearts won’t raise your blood sugar as much as typical white refined sugar.

If it’s the choice between a pack of sweets or a pack of date hearts then dates would win hands down. Sweets are packed with sugar, sugar and more refined sugar. Dates are packed with fiber, potassium, copper, manganese, magnesium and vitamin B6.

Would I have them again? The original yes, zesty-orange probably not.

review beloved dates healthy&psyched

How do you like your dates?


*Technically I won them for my mum for mother’s day, but she’s not the biggest fan of dates.



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