Can you get a vegan doughnut?

The answer is yes!! Hooray! And I have two brilliant guest posts for vegan doughnuts on my blog- One is for baked ‘pronuts’ (a.k.a. protein) doughnuts and the other is for raw vegan doughnuts. But which is the best vegan doughnut recipe?

Before we start this review, I have to admit that neither recipe is your typical sugary greasy doughnut, so if that’s what you’re after you’ve come to the wrong blog (sorry!). That said, they both sound delicious so I’d encourage you to read on and find out which is the best ‘healthified’ vegan doughnut recipe.

For this post I decided to make both the raw doughnut and pronut recipe, then rate them on a number of dimensions and give them an overall score (like with my review of 3 blueberry pancake recipes).

Raw mini vegan doughnuts

Willow and Dove Vegan Doughnut Recipe Raw Chocolate

Photo credit: Rich Nixon


Recipe from Rebecca at Willow and Dove.

See the full recipe here.

Ingredients I used: Sainsbury’s chopped roasted hazelnuts, Tesco Medjool dates, pure maple syrup, Terrafertil organic cacao powder. Topping: This creamy cashew frosting recipe and Coles Corner Tea from the Birdhouse Tea Company. Additions: 1 extra tablespoon of maple syrup!

Taste: 4.5/5  I’m rating mine highly – they were so rich and chocolaty with a slight nuttiness. They reminded me of truffles. My taste testers (a.k.a. family) were pretty impressed as well.

Texture: 5/5 OMG. The texture was amazing! Dense and fudgy with some pieces of roasted hazelnut. Although I will admit I’m not sure that’s how they were supposed to be. When I brought some from Rebecca’s stall at Sneinton Market they had a much crumblier almost cake like texture. Both were great though.

Appearance: 4.5/5 I thought they looked pretty and my photo was popular when I uploaded it to instagram.

Ease: 3.5/5 Making the dough was super simple. You just add all of the ingredients to a food processor at various stages. But I think my dough was a bit stiff so it was hard to get smooth doughnut shapes – even though Rebecca gave a few pro tips in the article.

Success rate: 5/5 All good!

Allergens: gluten-free, soya-free.



vegan doughnut recipeTotal score: 22.5/25




protein doughuts leisha mulvey

Photo credit: Leisha Mulvey


Recipe from Leisha at

See the full recipe here.

Ingredients I used: Gluten free oats from Aldi, The CoConut company coconut flour, Tesco baking powder, Vivo|Sport chocolate PERFORM protein powder, Tesco unsweetened soya yoghurt, Icon nutrition coconut oil, 2 raw apples (peeled & cored) because I was too lazy to make apple sauce. Topping: cashew nuts blended with strawberries, agave syrup and rice milk. Additions: 1 heaped tablespoon of Terrafertil organic cacao powder.

vegan protein doughnuts

Taste: 3.5/5. I thought tasted pretty nice. But the flavour of the protein powder came through strongly and my taste testers (again my family) weren’t very keen on them because they don’t really like the taste of my protein powder. So I’d say to make sure you use a powder that you really like.

Texture: 3.5/5. The recipe said to leave them in for 20-25 minutes. I left mine in for 20 minutes then checked on them and they looked cooked, so I took them out. But once they had cooled the middle had a strange squidgy texture… so I think they could have done with another 5 minutes.

Appearance: 4.5/5. I think these look pretty respectable. I hope you agree. My icing did leave a little to be desired, but I was happy with them overall. I like the pretty pink from the strawberries.  

Ease: 4.5/5. This review is slightly skewed because I didn’t make the applesauce for this recipe. I couldn’t be bothered so I put the apples into my blender raw with the core removed. If you follow my lead (or buy the apple sauce) the dough is super simple to make because you just throw everything in the blender then transfer it to your doughnut tin and leave it in the oven! If you make the apple sauce it would be a bit more time consuming.

Success rate: 5/5. All of the doughnuts cooked the same and came out of the tin easily.

Allergens: gluten-free (if you use gf oats), soya-free, nut-free.

vegan protein doughnut recipe

Total: 21/25

best vegan doughnuts

The best vegan doughnut recipe on my blog (to date)


It was close but Rebecca’s raw mini vegan doughnuts just won by 1.5 points! To be fair to Leisha’s pronut – protein doughnut- recipe, I didn’t leave them in the oven long enough and I used a protein powder that my taste testers didn’t like!


What do you think of these recipes?

What are the best vegan doughnut’s you’ve ever had?

And should I try and find another more typical vegan doughnut recipe to test?

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