Looking for a quick home work out to get your heart going?

I’ve got just the thing. The ‘HIIT Body Method‘ workouts by personal trainer Laura Jamie.

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HIIT Body Method- The theory

HIIT stands for high intensity interval training. The idea is to work at near maximum effort for a short amount of time to really get your heart rate up. This enhances your fitness but it also raises your metabolism more than steady state cardio at a lower intensity. Overall it means that you should burn more calories while exercising and in the hours following your workout.

The workouts

Laura posts exercise videos on her YouTube channel. You can also find video snippets of her workouts on instagram.

Each workout is 12 minutes long and involves 2 circuits lasting 6 minutes each. The circuits are made up of 4 moves performed for 45 seconds each and repeated twice. You get a one minute rest between circuits.

She suggests performing the circuits 5-6 times a week. Or for maximum results complete the video twice (24 minutes work) 4-5 times a week.

 My experience

I’ve completed about 6 or 7 different videos since February. They have been my go to when I want a quick and sweaty workout that’s going to challenge me. I could make up my own exercise circuit, but I feel like I get more out of these workouts.


  • It’s free!
  • You can do it at home in a small amount of space.
  • You don’t need special equipment. A few of the videos use dumbbells, but you can still get a good workout even if you don’t use them. (When I did use dumbbells for lunges my legs were killing and I had to abandon them).
  • It only takes 12 minutes! Perfect for if you’re short on time.
  • You’ll get sweaty and out of breath. This makes me happy because I believe that’s the sign of a good workout.
  • There are lots of new and innovative exercises. This is really what kept me coming back to her channel. It makes the workouts more exciting and I  like to see what killer move she’ll make me do next.
  • Did you notice I said ‘killer moves‘? Your body will be burning after literally 30 seconds! but luckily…
  • Laura talks to you through the whole video to keep you motivated and explain the moves and their correct form.
  • She does all the moves with you and I like to challenge myself to keep up with her or go faster!

If you’re going to do the workout I recommend you warm up first because I find it makes the moves easier. Also have some water ready to sip in the break between circuits.

Calorie burn

To test the calorie burn I decided to do her latest chair workout, which you can find in the video below.

After a 5 minute warm up video from her channel and the 12 minute workout I had burned 152 calories. After completing another round of the circuits I had burned 285 calories in total. To be honest I’m pretty happy with that considering some of the time is from the warm up and my heart rate won’t have been very high then. Also at some points I was probably only giving it 75%, so you’d get better results if you were going all out.


Laura Jamie Hiit workout healthyandpsyched

You might also be interested to check out the transformation photos on her website.


Lastly, big thank you to Laura for letting me use a picture from her website and her workout video. She didn’t ask me to write this review, but I love her videos and think more people should know about them.

Do you like the sound of these workouts?

If you give it a go make sure to use #HIITBodyMethod on social media.

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