Yesterday I was lucky enough to be invited to the official launch of Italia Uno, the first Italian Takeaway in Banner Cross, Sheffield. Saverio and Kym, a father-daughter duo who own the takeaway and coffee house aim to serve authentic Italian food with fresh locally sourced ingredients.

I was super excited to attend the launch because 1) Free food! and 2) Kym, a vegan herself has included lots of delicious vegan options on the menu, as well as gluten-free and under 500 calorie meals.

All of the food is made from scratch by Saverio, an Italian born and bread, and the menu is adaptable to your dietary requirements. Being a picky eater, this was music to my ears.

italian uno banner cross sheffield

Vegan options on offer for the night were:

Vegetariana Pizza


Ordinarily I’m not a great lover of pizza because it can be pretty unhealthy- I’ve probably eaten half a slice in the past year. But this pizza was something else! The base was thin and crispy and it was topped with a delicious garlicky tomato sauce and melty vegan cheese*. In fact it was so good I had two slices! I’m pleased to report that this is a far cry from your stereotypical greasy takeaway pizza.

Bruschettabruschetta vegan cheese sheffield italia uno healthy&psyched

The vegan cheese* made another appearance on the bruschetta. When cold it had a texture surprisingly similar to mozzarella and although it didn’t have a strong cheese flavour it was very pleasant. The real star of the bruschetta was the vegan olive bread. The salty olives were a real delight and lifted the dish.

Gnocchi with Fungi Rughettamushroom gnocchi italia uno healthyandpsyched

In English that’s gnocchi potato dumplings with wilted rocket, wild mushrooms and garlic cooked in a soya cream and white wine sauce. If you’re missing cream-based sauces and you like mushrooms this would be the perfect dish for you. I couldn’t tell it was soya cream and this dish was rich and flavoursome. If you’re not a fan of gnocchi (like me) you can switch to have the sauce with vegan pasta.

Also on the vegan menu are pasta with a variety of sauces, risotto and salads.

Non-vegan options

There’s a very extensive selection of vegetarian and meat options, including arancini (fried rice balls), aubergine parmigiana, fish cakes, lasagna, risotto, pasta & pizzas. Desserts include tiramisu and nutella pizza!

I asked my boyfriend (my plus-one) to comment on the food and he simply replied “it was awesome.. proper pizza and exciting rice balls… even the vegetarian lasagna which I’d normally avoid because of the mushrooms was excellent.” I should also mention the nutella pizza, which got everyone excited and had rave reviews.


Saverio and Kym’s passion for their business shines though in all of the dishes. Everyone at the launch was impressed by the taste and quality of the food. By the end of the evening we’d all eaten more than intended and were absolutely stuffed!

If you’re looking for a healthier or vegan take-away then Italia Uno should be your first call. There’s something on the menu for everyone and considering the fresh ingredients it’s very reasonably priced.

955 Ecclesall Road
Banner Cross
S11 8TN

Telephone:  0114 453 5079.

You can collect your order or there’s a delivery charge of £2 for on all orders under 3 miles. Then £1 additional for every mile.

*The cheese is made from rice, so it’s soya and nut free!


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