When I was contacted by the Nutriseed Team and asked if I would like to review their online store, how could I say no?

nutriseed review

Nutriseed offer natural and organic groceries, supplements and personal care.

They are “on a mission to make healthy living easy and affordable for everyone”, which is just brilliant. There’s the perception that healthy eating is expensive and I think that puts a lot of people off from even looking for a better alternative to the sugars, flours and flavourings that they normally use. Hopefully, having a website with lots of healthy options in one place at a reasonable price could help people to feel that they can make lifestyle changes and inspire them to try a new product.

nutriseed review superfoods

Nutriseed sell pretty much everything you need to set yourself up as a healthy baker, smoothie mixologist or food blogger. I like to think I’m a little bit of all of those, so I was in heaven!

The website was very easy to navigate and you can choose to shop by category (e.g. superfood powders, baking, dried fruit), concern (e.g. detox, fertility) or ‘gains’ (e.g. muscle, sleep). Or you can use the search box to find what you’re looking for.

There was so much choice and I had a hard time deciding what to buy. There were all of the staple health food products, such as almond flour, chia seeds and coconut oil. And the prices seemed very competitive. There were also quite a few products that I’d never seen before, which made me really excited and I was more interested in those products because I already have enough coconut oil to last me for the next 5 years!

nutriseed banana powder

In the end I picked wheatgrass powder, lucuma powder and mulberries, which I was actually planning to buy soon anyway. I also picked camu camu berry powder and ashwaganda root because I have read about them online and never tried them. Lastly I chose dried apricots, kale powder, raspberry powder and … wait for it… banana powder!!! I love bananas so I was pretty excited about that!

review nutriseed wheatgrass powder

Once I’d placed my order I got the standard confirmation email and my things arrived within a few days– which was sooner than I’d expected since I got the free delivery (because I spent over £39.99).

When my things arrived I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely packaging and a free sample of goji berries. Soon I got to ‘work’ trying them all out.

Check out what I made with my goodies from nutriseed

Mulberry & Lucuma Raw Mini Doughnuts

review nutriseed mulberries nutriseed lucuma


Crunchy Raspberry & Lucuma Buckinis (a.k.a. granola with buckwheat groats rather than oats)

nutriseed raspberry powder


Mango green smoothie  (recipe already on my blog)

nutriseed wheatgrass powder review


Banana Nicecream with Kale and Wheatgrass powder

nutriseed review


Creamy zoats with banana powder

nutriseed banana powder review


Matcha zoats with wheatgrass powder

Overnight ‘carrot cake’ oats with mulberries and apricots


Overall I have been pleased with the service I received from Nutriseed and the quality of the products. Usually I bulk buy my specialist groceries from amazon, but I will look on the Nutriseed online store first in the future.


Want £5 off your order?

Nutriseed have given me an affiliate link HERE. If you click through this link you can get £5 off your order.


What would you buy and what would you make?


p.s. let me know if you want any of the recipes above.


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