Last week my housemate and I went to Pure On Raw– a healthy, totally vegan cafe in Sheffield that serves mostly raw and gluten-free food. We had Groupon voucher for a set meal, which meant it worked out at £7 each plus drinks! I don’t need to tell you that’s an amazing deal!

Having a set menu was a blessing in disguise because there were so many tasty sounding options.

For starter we opted for the bruschetta.

bruchetta pure on raw

My housemate liked the garlic mushrooms best and I enjoyed the pesto, which shows there’s something for everyone. We both agreed that the cashew cheese was something new to us. It looked exactly like melted cheese and had a nutty garlicky taste. The bruschetta was quite nice but not something I would normally order in a restaurant because I don’t find it that exciting.

The excitement came with the main course!

lunch raw healthyandpsyched

My house mate ordered the ‘mystery pocket‘ (top of the photo) and although it would have made a dysfunctional pocket (it has no sides!) and we couldn’t identify the ‘mystery ingredient’ promised on the menu she loved every bite. It was completely raw and had a good selection of Mediterranean veggies inside. I think you’d pretty much hit your 5-a-day just from this plate alone!

I opted for the ‘cheesy burger‘, which was a raw patty on gluten-free onion bread (hidden in the photo) and topped with lightly cooked veg, cashew cheese and garlic cheese! It looked seriously impressive and was very filling. The taste and texture wasn’t something I’m used to but it was very nice.

cheesy burger

To drink I picked ‘glowing skin’ juice. It was an absolutely perfect balance of earthy beetroot and firey ginger. My housemade had a signature latte made with nut milk, agave syrup and vanilla bean. She totally sold it to me by saying how good it was and I got one to take away. It didn’t disappoint. It was just the sweet hit I crave after a meal. I have no idea how they make it, if I didn’t know better I would have said they’d used vanilla syrup like most coffee shops do.

latte healthyandpsyched

We  couldn’t finish our meals and were too full for dessert. This was a shame because I had my eye on a vanilla nut milk sundae with oat cookies, date fudge and chocolate sauce!!

Overall we really enjoyed the food at Pure On Raw. It’s an innovative use of ingredients and definitely not your average lunch. For me the food was a little bit too garlicky, but it wouldn’t stop me from eating there again. The food was great value, even if we had paid full price. A main meal is around £10 and you will leave feeling full and satisfied. It’s also perfect for vegans because everything on the menu is free from animal products- hooray!

BEWARE the short opening hours, from 11-3 on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, 11-7 on Friday and 11-8 on a Saturday.

Pure On Raw
244-246 Shalesmoor,
South Yorkshire
S3 8UH

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