Are you looking for a natural alternative to artificially flavoured water?

Have you heard about birch water?

Birch water is said to be the health drink trend of 2016. I was interested to learn more about it, so I contacted Sibberi and they kindly sent me a sample, along with their maple water and bamboo water.

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What is birch water?

Birch water comes from… you guess it… the birch tree. It’s harvested from the trees in early spring by driving a tap into the trunk of the tree and collecting the sap that drains out. Sibberi collect their birch water from Estonia and Latvia, where the sap is traditionally drunk.

why drink birch water benefits


Why drink birch water?

Birch water has a balance of electrolytes similar to coconut water but four times less sugar– only 0.8g per 100ml! It also contains over 50% of your recommended daily manganese in just 100ml, and a small amount of calcium, potassium, magnesium, calcium and iron. Birch water is a natural diuretic and will support kidney and liver function and help to reduce water retention.

Personally I’m sold on the sugar issue though and think that birch water would be the perfect addition to a smoothie in place of coconut water, because most of my smoothies already contain a fair amount of sugar from the fruit.

Sibberi contains 100% birch sap, however other brands add fruit juice and other flavourings, which would increase the sugar content. So make sure you check the label before you decide which birch water to buy.

How does it taste?

Sibberi say their birch water tastes ‘clean’ and I have to agree. It has quite a unique taste that’s hard to describe. I’ve actually put off writing this review for quite a while because I was struggling to describe the flavour! If you try it then you’ll see what I mean.

I also tested the birch water in my ‘Ultimate Green Smoothie’ (instead of coconut water) and it was still yummy.



What is maple water?

Maple water is harvested from the maple tree by inserting a tap and collecting the liquid (much like for birch water). Did you know it’s a concentrated form of this sap that makes maple syrup!!

why drink maple water benefits


Why drink maple water?

The claim to fame of maple water is its manganese content. Manganese can promote healthy bone and muscle tissues, regulate thyroid function and blood sugar levels. Sibberi say that “ one bottle of Sibberi Maple Water has the same amount of manganese as a cup of kale, making it an easy and palatable way to incorporate this important nutrient into your diet”.

How does it taste?

Sweeter than the birch water and like a very weak maple syrup. If I’m being honest I prefer the taste to that of birch water!



What is bamboo water?

If you’ve read the start of this article you don’t need a degree to work out that bamboo water is extracted from the bamboo tree.

why drink bamboo water benefits

Why drink bamboo water?

Bamboo water is high in silica with 1mg per 100ml. Silica is important for maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails, which I think most people would like to achieve. It’s also low in sugar with only 0.1g of sugar per 100ml for Sibberi’s natural bamboo water.

How does it taste?

I like the taste, which kind of reminds me of green tea. This is my favourite out of the three.


If you want to know more about Sibberi and where you can buy birch water, maple water and bamboo water then check out their website or connect with them on twitter, facebook and instagram.



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