This is my first review of a health food shop, so I thought I’d start with a good one- The Incredible Nutshell. It’s run by Charlie, who carefully selects all of the products to make sure that they are free of animal produce. That means that they’re all suitable for vegans and vegetarians and there’s lots of organic, fair-trade, gluten-free and soya-free options as well.

Charlie has managed to pack a lot into a small shop. Pretty much everything you can think of from eco-friendly cleaning products and toiletries to  handmade cards and jewelry. And, the reason for my visit, food!

At The Incredible Nutshell you can find everything your heart desires- vegan cheese, chocolates, even wine. There’s also a good range of cooking ingredients and savory items such as wraps, jars of sauce and sausages.

What to expect




After a good look round I brought some black-bean spaghetti (which I have yet to try), cacao powder and a box of Booja-Booja chocolates which I thought seemed very cheap so I was over the moon about those!! Now I’ve looked at the pictures again I’ve spotted more things I want to try, like ‘Secret Sausages‘.

Overall, I would give The Incredible Nutshell a big thumbs up. The prices are very reasonable and there’s a brilliant selection of products. This shop is perfect for vegans because you don’t have to worry about checking the ingredients list on anything you pick up, which makes for relaxing shopping. It might also be particularly good if you’re new to this lifestyle or thinking of eating more vegan food because it will show you the massive range of options available.

It is situated just outside of sheffield, so ideally you would need a car to get there, but I can assure you it’s well worth the visit.

31 Chesterfield Road,
S8 0RL

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