Much to my excitement it turns out that boutique gyms exist outside of London.  In fact, Trib3 opened in Sheffield this January. It’s a boutique bootcamp HIIT training studio, which promises:

  • high-end, high-intensity group exercise classes
  • A calorie burn of 700-1000 units if you’re working flat out or 300-500 calories if you’re working at 75% effort.
  • No contracts. It’s pay-per-visit, with discounts if you book multiple sessions
    At the moment they have an offer where your first class is free!!

I was super excited to hear that it’s only a 5 minute walk from where a live on Ecclesall Road and signed up for my first session immediately. After 2 sessions (and another 11 paid for in advance!) I think I’m in a good position to assess if it lives up to its claims.


trib3 luxurious healthyandpsyched

Right from the get-go it felt special. I don’t know about you but the entrance to my regular gym doesn’t have a red carpet or look like I’m about to go into a posh night club…

Once inside I was greeted by the girl on the desk who took my name, asked me if I’d like a post-workout shake (I didn’t) and then showed me around. We passed the ‘mixology bar‘ (more on that later) and made our way to the changing room.

Trib3 definitely lives up to the first claim of ‘high-end’. The industrial chic decor is perfectly coordinated and they’ve thought of absolutely everything. For example, there are two showers, one with blonde John Frieda shampoo and the other with brunette! But I don’t want to give too much away since I’d want you to have the same experience as I did going there for the first time.

The gym is perfectly laid out for the classes, with treadmills on one wall, the resistance area in the middle and a grid on the floor marking out your space for the intensity exercises.

trib3 boutique gym healthyandpsyched


Now more about the Mixology Bar! Trib3 have a fantastic lounge area with a smoothie bar for you to relax before or after the class. This area looks like a real bar and adds to the luxurious feel. I  also noticed that there are plenty of plug sockets and free water with lemon, which is good service. Smoothies cost £4 each and you can pay on credit, which means you don’t have to take your purse to the gym.

trib3 mixology bar healthyandpsyched



Visit 1.

This workout was led by Olga and we did 2 rounds at each station. There were only 10 people in the class and most of us were newbies, which was nice.

The treadmill was inclines for the first round. When instructed by Olga we changed the pace and intensity of the treadmill. You can choose low, medium or high. Since it was my first visit I opted for the medium level. While it definitely got me out of breath it wasn’t terrible.

Resistance was weighted squats, shoulder presses, bent-over rows, leg lifts on a bench and lunges. I picked the 5kg dumbells and made it through all of the exercises.

Intensity is when it began to get super tough. My legs were burning for the squat jumps and burpees! I definitely had to take a few rests.

For the second round we did sprints on the treadmill.  I took the 3 x 1 min sprints at level 12 (the maximum). I didn’t realize what a shock it would be for my body and I panicked myself after the first one and almost started hyperventilating. But after a bit of positive self-talk I persevered with the rest of the sprints. The resistance and intensity sections were equally hard but Olga was very encouraging and kept everyone’s motivation high. Even so, my legs were on fire, especially for the lunge jumps and I couldn’t get through without at least three short breaks per exercise!

This session well and truly ticked the box of ‘high-intensity group workout’ and my face looked like beetroot afterwards!

Visit 2.

This workout was with George. We did three rounds at each station, which caught me out since there were only two on my previous visit! It was really full and there wasn’t enough space on the treadmills for everyone, which meant some people started with resistance. This was good because it meant you sometimes got a break while he explained the exercises to the other group but it did make the class a bit more disjointed.

The first round of treadmills was sprints, the second was incline and the third round was sprints again. I chose level 12 for the first set of 2 x 1 minute sprints but I had felt a bit under the weather before the class and almost cancelled so I slacked off a bit on the other rounds.

Resistance was largely focused on arms for each round, with some squats and an ab exercise as well. The exercises for intensity changed each round and included squat jumps, fast feet, commandos and bicycle-abs. I was really sweaty but this session didn’t feel as intense as my previous visit. This might have been because it was a shorter duration for each round and also because, as I’ve already admitted, I didn’t try as hard as last time. Saying that, a girl did have to leave in the middle because she was feeling faint. So that goes to show that you’ll get out what you put in.

trib3 group photo healthyandpsyched

I’m second from the left.

Why I liked it

  • The music is really inspiring. You’ll feel like you’re about the start The Hunger Games when you stand on the treadmill at the beginning of the session!
  • The multi-coloured lights and loud music make you fee safe to push yourself. No one can see how red your face is in a red light or hear your heavy breathing?!
  • You have to do the exercises that you’d usually skip.
  • There’ll be some exercises you’re totally awesome at and you’ll get a massive confidence boost.
  • There’ll be some exercises you struggle with, but it will build your mental strength to push through. Just pace yourself and do the best you can.
  • You get individual attention and the encouragement from the instructor, even in larger classes. They will help to motivate you if you’re slacking, praise you when you’re working hard and help to correct your form.
  • You’ll make friends before, during and after the class.
  • You get a cold face towel at the end of the workout so you can look at least semi-presentable before you leave!
  • And of course, the hair-colour matched shampoo if you’ve got time to shower.


My FitBit recorded that on my first visit I burnt 352 calories, although it wasn’t recording properly when I checked it a few times so I’m not sure how accurate that is. The second time, I burnt 318 calories.


To be honest I’m a bit skeptical that you could burn 1000 calories in 45 minutes. I think their second claim that you’ll burn 300-500 calories is more reasonable and if you do all of the exercises you should achieve that no problem. (I almost wrote ‘no sweat’, which isn’t true because you’ll be sweating buckets).


The price-per-session is £12 which is pretty steep, but it drops to a more reasonable £7 per session if you book a block of 10 (that’s pretty comparable to other classes I’ve attended in Sheffield such as hot yoga).


If you like to feel the burn and want a new challenge then I’d definitely recommend you visit Trib3 in Sheffield. If you don’t want the commitment of joining a gym, are lacking in motivation or not sure what exercises to do I’d also recommend you visit.

If you need a second opinion or want to see more pictures check out Louise Rose’s review.

557 Ecclesall Road,
S11 8PR
(next to Sainsbury’s)

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