Let’s face it, who doesn’t love Nutella?

But it’s so addictive and from my point of view it has several ingredients that I’m not too happy about; refined sugar, palm oil and milk. That’s why I was so happy when I got asked to review Wyldsson’s hazelnut and cacao spread– a healthy Nutella alternative.

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Perceptions of the product:

The Wyldsonn’s chocolate spread is made with roasted cashews, dates, roasted hazelnuts (23%), roasted sunflower seeds, and organic cocoa.

To be honest when I read the label I was a bit disappointed it had more cashew nuts than hazelnuts. It seemed a bit seemed a bit like they were cheating since they advertised it as a ‘healthy Nutella’ alternative and Nutella is made with hazelnuts.

But I was pleased to see it only contains natural and unrefined ingredients with no palm oil or dairy. Plus, it has twice the amount of protein and fibre as Nutella and less than half of the sugar!

wyldsson nutella nutrition

Taste test by itself:

On the very first taste I wasn’t 100% sure about it, because the texture is very different from Nutella and it wasn’t as sweet as I was expecting. But after a few seconds for the flavour to build in my mouth I decided that I really liked it. I think the cashews helped to make it creamy and the crunchy hazel nut pieces were very nice.

I ate it with corn thins, which made it taste like chocolate popcorn. I also ate some on a sweet potato. But mostly I ate it straight out of the jar!!

healthy nutella on corn thins

Taste test VS Nutella:

I got my sister – the Nutella queen – to taste a spoon of Wyldsson’s hazelnut and cocoa spread followed by a spoon of Nutella. She liked both, which I think is good for the Wyldsson’s chocolate spread because she really loves Nutella and isn’t used to eating the ‘healthier alternative’ of foods like I am. I was a bit worried she wouldn’t like the dates in it, but they weren’t a problem and she enjoyed both of the chocolate hazel nut spreads.

The verdict:

My sister hit the nail on the head when she said that Wyldsson’s hazelnut and cacao spread is like eating a whole Ferrero Rocher (because of the crunchy hazel nut pieces) and eating Nutella is like just eating the middle bit.

And the real test- How long did it last in the cupboard?

Not very long! Well under a week – Ooops!

I was having a stressful week (which you can read about here) and I found some comfort in this jar of chocolate spread while I was trying to motivate myself to continue working at 9pm on several nights!! Ironic because I am writing a journal paper about self-control and snacking!

wyldsson healthy nutella review healthyandpsyched

How to eat hazelnut & cocoa spread

I had lots of ideas of how to use it, but I never fulfilled them because I ate it too soon! Here are a couple of ideas in case you want to know what else to do with it.

  • Add a spoonful to your oats/ zoats or overnight oats!
  • Add a spoonful to your smoothie. It would be amazing with this chocolate avocado smoothie bowl.
  • Eat it on toast, rice cakes, oat cakes or pancakes!


Home made ‘Nutella’

I will also point out that you can make your own healthier Nutella. Deliciously Ella has a recipe or you can just wing it and throw some roasted hazel nuts, cacao powder and maple syrup into your blender.

I have tried the latter method and it turned out pretty well. Even my sister tried it and liked it. But it ended up being quite expensive by the time I had bought all of the nuts, and I made the mistake of buying unroasted ones in skins, so it took me ages to roast them and get the skin off!! To be honest it just seemed like a lot of faffing around and I haven’t made it since.

Also, I have a Vitamix blender so it wasn’t a problem to blend the nuts, but if you don’t have a powerful blender it might struggle.

If you’re a bit lazy like me or you don’t have a strong blender I would recommend just buying some Wyldsson’s if you want a health chocolate hazelnut spread.


I hope you have enjoyed this review.

I certainly enjoyed eating the Wyldsson’s hazelnut and cocoa spread and writing this review has made me hungry for some more!!!


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