I never really drink that much juice unless it’s homemade, but I was excited to try Turner Hardy & Co premium tomato juice. Firstly, I was tempted by the packaging, which somehow manages to make tomato juice look cool. Then I was pleased to learn that the juice isn’t from concentrate and comes in 3 flavours – Pure, Lively and Feisty.

Turner Hardy & Co tomato juice review


I was sent 3 bottles of Turner Hardy & Co tomato juice in exchange for a review, but unfortunately, one of the bottles was broken during delivery so I only got to try the Lively and Fesity tomato juice.

Lively tomato juice Turner Hardy & Co review

The Lively tomato juice was nicely spiced with porcini powder, onion powder, black pepper, ginger and a range of other spices. I think they have spent a long time getting the delicate balance of flavours just right – it’s a well rounded full bodied taste, with a gentle warmth that isn’t over powering. The consistency of the juice is also spot on – it’s smooth and thick, which makes the juice very satisfying.

Fesity tomato juice Turner Hardy & Co review

The Fesity tomato juice contains wasabi and had a bit too much of a kick for me, so I only ended up drinking a few mouthfuls.

Turner Hardy & Co tomato juice review

I really love the ethos of the guys at Turner Hardy & Co. They have taken the time to source premium tomatoes from a British grower on the Isle of Wight who is passionate about quality and sustainability. Then they have created diverse flavours, which they blend in small batches. I much prefer to buy products from smaller companies like this rather than big corporations who lack the excitement and passion.

Turner Hardy & Co tomato juice review

If you’re a fan of tomato juice or you’re looking for another way to get in one of your 5-a-day I would recommend Turner Hardy & Co premium tomato juice.

Before I end this review I also want to say thankyou to my dad, who accepted the delivery while I was away and cleaned up all of the tomato juice from the broken bottle. Then the juices sat in my parents fridge for 2 weeks until I collected them. I think my dad really wanted to try them because he’s a big fan of tomato juice- but he never got the chance because I took them back to my house to photograph and drink! Turner Hardy & Co are really lovely juices and I know my dad would like them, so I will probably buy him some for this birthday, which is coming up soon. Dad’s are so hard to buy for and I think this will be a nice present.

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