I want to announce a very exciting competition in association with Vivo Life and Hannah Eats.

(This has now ended)

The aim of this competition, in my view at least, is to help you to have fun and get creative with ‘superfoods’ and to improve the quality of your diet.

What is a superfood?

A superfood can be considered a food with a high nutrient density that is beneficial for health and wellbeing.

Often when people talk about superfoods they may be referring to powders such as maca, lucuma, acai berry, baobab, wheatgrass, spirulina, matcha… the list goes on. But don’t worry if you’ve never heard of any of those things before. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BUY SUPERFOOD POWDERS TO TAKE PART IN THIS COMPETITION!

Many foods that (I hope) you eat regularly can be classed as a superfood, for example spinach, kale, broccoli, blueberries, avocado and you can even argue for dark chocolate!

BUT…. there is a debate over whether we should call foods ‘superfoods’ and what would classify as one.

Are superfoods a fad and marketing term?

If you Google ‘superfoods’ then you’re likely to find a mix of articles, some praising them for their healing properties and others that take a more sceptical stance and question if we should be placing some foods on a pedestal and believing that they have ‘super’ properties. The latter type of articles argue that ‘superfood’ is a marketing term designed to make us buy more of foods that we think will benefit our health, but there is little scientific evidence behind the health claims. For example, for good evidence would be multiple clinical trials in humans with long term follow up to establish the effects of superfoods, but most of the current data is correlational (i.e. does not establish a cause and effect relationship) or tested in vivo or on a small sample of people. With the current evidence, many of their health claims for superfoods are inferred, for example, goji berries are high in antioxidants, and antioxidants can help to improve immunity, therefore goji berries must help to improve immunity- there is no direct evidence that goji berries improve immunity.

Personally, I agree that there isn’t as much high quality scientific evidence as we would like to support the claims made by some companies about their superfood product. I will also admit that I do say things such as ‘This food is high in this vitamin, which could help to improve your health in this way’, which is true but please don’t read it to mean that if you eat a tiny bit of the food you will get super health benefits, you’ll never get cancer and all of your health problems will magically go away. That’s not to say nutrition isn’t important in disease prevention or management, but we can’t put it down to one specific ‘superfood’.

So, maybe ‘superfood’ is a marketing term, but I still like to pack my diet with superfoods!

Why I like to eat superfoods.

First off, I’m a health blogger so it’s important to me to stay healthy! This involves eating a diet that is high in a variety of ‘superfood’ fruit and vegetables that I find at my local supermarket. But I also like to supplement with various different superfood powders. Let me stress that these aren’t a replacement for real food, but an addition to improve the nutritional quality  of my diet and I believe that these foods are actually nutritionally dense as the marketers claim and that they will help my body to function at its best, even though there isn’t direct scientific proof.  Maybe these powders have absolutely no effect on my health, but there must be at least some placebo effect right?! and I still enjoy to eat them because,

  • I find it exciting to try new foods.
  • I like the taste (although not strictly true- some take a bit of getting used to).
  • I like to substitute them for less healthy ingredients. For example, I’d rather have a brownie made with nutritionally dense almond flour than refined white flour or sweeten my porridge with lucuma rather than sugar.
  • It makes me think I am being healthy and that leads me to make other healthy choices during the day.

You might have your own reasons to eat or to not eat superfoods and that’s totally okay. Everyone is different and you should do what is best for you.

superfood star


Competition Rules

  1. Take a photo of a recipe using your favourite superfood.
  2. Share your photo on instagram with the hashtag #SuperfoodStar.
  3. Follow @vivolifeuk@_hannaheats@healthyandpsyched and TAG US in the main caption.



Daily Shout out: Each day one photo will be featured on the instagram of @_hannaheats, @healthyandpsyched & @vivolifeuk.

Grand Prize: Superfood bundle (shown in photo) and a chance to have your recipe featured on the @vivolifeuk website.



The competition will run from (Monday 10th October to Saturday 16th October). Multiple entries are allowed. The winner will be announced on Sunday 17th October. The grand prize can only be won by a UK entrant. Winners of the daily shoutout may be from any country.


My Collaborators

About Vivo Life

Vivolife is an online market place that helps you to source high quality superfoods and your favourite health food brands. They also have an informative blog and a recipe section. I just love their ethos and they have such integrity as a brand. Their website says “It’s our mission to help you look, feel and perform at your very best. And we want to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible. We’re here to provide you with the right information, tools and cutting edge plant based products to help you reach your goals.”

Josh from Vivo Life has been kind enough to put together an amazing prize!

About Hannah Eats

Hannah from Hannah Eats is a fitness fanatic, long run loving teacher who loves nothing more than spending her spare time recipe developing and meeting new, like-minded people. She has a very active instagram account and posts recipes daily.


Good luck in the competition – closed

Sorry for all the babbling in this post! I just wanted to try and get across what I think about superfoods. What are your thoughts on them?



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