Would you believe me if I said I have a little trick that allows me to have a yummy dessert for hardly any extra calories on top of my main meal?

I told this hack to some of my friends and they looked at me like I was weird. But I think it’s brilliant and use it almost every week! Have a read and let me know what you think.

Before we get onto the hack I just want to say that I don’t count calories and I’m not promoting low calorie dieting. But I know roughly what I can eat in a day to stay at a healthy weight and I don’t want to go overboard eating desserts. So on days that I haven’t been very active I like to use this trick.

My almost zero calorie dessert hack.

If I’m eating silken tofu, sweet potato or chickpeas I will save half my portion for dessert. I can hear you saying ‘what are you on about??!’ but stay with me. These foods pair really well with cacao powder, carob powder or cinnamon and make a yummy dessert.

How to make…

Silken tofu dessert pot

silken tofu chocolate pot

silken tofu chocolate pot

Mix 1/3 block (100g) silken tofu with 1 teaspoon of cacao powder until smooth. I do this with a spoon so sometimes I can’t get it perfectly creamy but if you have a mini blender that would work well to get a super smooth consistency.

You can add in a little sweetner of your choice if you need and a couple of berries to make it look pretty. This also works with carob power instead of cacao.

Sweet Potato Dessert Pot

chocolate sweetpotato mousse zero calories

Mix half a sweet potato with 1 teaspoon of cacao/ carob powder until smooth. You can add some coconut flakes or a little bit of granola for texture.

Chocolatey Roasted chickpeas


Pat dry about 1/3 carton (80g) chickpeas with a paper towel. Coat the chickpeas in half a tablespoon of cacao or carob powder and 1 teaspoon of liquid sweetner (e.g. agave, carob or maple syrup) and spread them out on a baking tray. Put them in the oven at 180°C for about 10 minutes while you eat your dinner. You should be left with something sweet, warm and delicious.

Although, they won’t be crispy- but I can never get my chickpeas crispy anyway. I’ve even followed a really faffy hour long method and they came out pretty much like this much simpler hack!


So that’s it. Being smart about how you eat your food can give you a satisfying dessert for almost no extra calories.

Are you going to give it a go?

If you’re not tempted you can get your cacao and carob hit with these brownies.


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