Let me be the first to say- making vegan pancakes can be difficult!

Actually I find making any pancakes difficult, which means I don’t have my own recipe to share with you. Instead I decided to test out three vegan pancake recipes from well-known websites- Oh She Glows, Deliciously Ella and Jamie Oliver. They each use a different type of flour but all the recipes contain blueberries to help you get in a portion of fruit even if you’re having an indulgent breakfast.

I recruited my boyfriend to help me cook and to provide a male, non-vegan perspective. Also, I doubt I could have eaten all of those pancakes by myself!

We rated them from 1 to 5 on taste, texture, appearance and how easy they were to make. That gave a maximum possible score of 20.

Also we used an awesome pancake pan, which made flipping them over a lot easier than usual. Have you ever seen one before?

healthyandpsyched pancake pan


Oh She Glows- Vegan and Gluten-Free Vanilla Blueberry Buckwheat Pancakes

healthyandpsyched pancake 3

note: we substituted the maple syrup in the recipe for carob syrup because I forgot to get maple syrup from the shop! Also I would ideally have used homemade or Rude Health almond milk because it has less ingredients and would have tasted better.

Time to first pancake: 10 minutes 55 seconds

Taste: 3.5/5 The taste of the buckwheat flour was very prominent and worked beautifully with the vanilla. The batter isn’t too sweet but then you get a burst of blueberry or the taste of slightly caramelised banana, which is delicious. I would probably have preferred it a bit sweeter though.

Texture: 3/5 They were verging on stodgy and not fluffy at all. Saying that, the texture wasn’t unpleasant.

Appearance: 2.5/5 Unfortunately most of them looked bit anemic and lacking in colour. When we left one in the pan for longer it just burnt rather than going golden brown as we had hoped. But most importantly we did have one that looked golden brown, they were stack-able, which gets plus points for appearance!

healthyandpsyched pancakes 2

Ease: 4/5 It only required one bowl to mix all of the ingredients and the measures were all in cups or tsp/tbsp, which was very convenient. Once in the pan they didn’t take long to cook and it wasn’t too much effort to flip them.

Success rate: 80% one inedible burnt one.

Allergens: gluten-free, nut-free.

Total score: 13/20


Deliciously Ella- Ten minute mango pancakes

I linked to these in my Breakfast Week blog post on Top 7 bloggers breakfasts so I thought I’d better try them out!

healthyandpsyched pancake 1

note: There is no almond milk in them (that’s why it’s crossed out)- I didn’t read the recipe properly before taking the photo and I’d already cut up the mango by the time I realised!

Time to first pancake: DNF. We gave up after 28 minutes 29 seconds.

Taste: 4.5/5 (for the mixture). The batter tasted absolutely divine. Creamy with subtle hint of mango- I will consider making it as a smoothie in the future. The bits of pancake we did try were horrible because they were semi-cooked and really burnt!

Texture: 0/5 The batter never cooked properly. We tried using 1/4 cup batter or 1 tbsp batter, on a high, medium or low heat but nothing helped. The bottom got burnt before the top set enough to let us flip it over.

Appearance: 0/5 We have nothing to show for it accept a bin full of squidgy burnt bits.

healthyandpsyched pancakes 1

Ease: 1/5 Blending the ingredients is super easy, although it does mean that you have to clean the blender. Making the actual pancakes was extremely difficult and we totally failed. Any ideas why it didn’t work?

Success rate: 0%

Allergens: You can use gluten-free oats, contains nuts.

Total score: 5.5/20


Jamie Oliver- Vegan Blueberry pancakes

healthyandpsyched pancake 2

Note: We substituted the golden caster sugar for carob syrup and chose to use soya milk. And I’m not sure if that is the right flour to use. I just picked the cheapest one in Sainsbury’s!

Time to first pancake: 13 minutes 39 seconds.

Taste: 3/5 These were a bit to wheaty for me and reminded me of a bread roll. Even though I’m not coeliac I try to eat gluten-free so that might be why the taste was very noticeable to me. My boyfriend liked these more than I did.

Texture: 3.5/5 The pancakes had a good dense texture- it wasn’t stodgy but it wasn’t fluffy either.

Appearance: 3.5/5 I got excited when I saw these cooking because they were nice and thick and had an ideal light brown colour. The final pancake stack wasn’t totally drool-worthy though.

healthyandpsyched pancakes 3

Ease: 4/5 Making the mix was quite a bit of effort because it required cups, tbsp/tsp, scales, a measuring jug and three bowls, which made lots of washing up! However, these were by far the easiest pancakes to cook. They were very manageable in the pan and sturdy to flip over.

Success rate: 100% woop!

Allergens: you can use nut milk or soya milk, contains gluten.

Total score: 14/20


and the winner is…

Jamie’s blueberry vegan pancakes (14/20)

Oh She Glows (13/20) came a close second and is definitely best for gluten-free pancakes.

The Deliciously Ella recipe (5.5/20) is brilliant as a smoothie but I wouldn’t attempt it if you actually want pancakes!


Have you tried a different vegan pancake recipe?
What did you think?


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