In honor of National Fish and Chip Day I want to share with you some VEGAN fish and chips alternatives!

These ‘fish’ and chip recipes been hanging around on my personal pinterest board for ages. I haven’t gotten round to making them yet but I think they look delicious. Plus they’re all fish-free and made with wholesome ingredients. So they’re also perfect for people who don’t enjoy the taste of fish or want a healthier alternative to their local chippie.

healthier fish and chips recipes

‘Fish’ Recipes

vegan fish miliking almonds

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Milking Almonds- (Fish Style) Parsnip fillets.


vegan fish peta

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PETA- Macadamia Encrusted White ‘Fish’.

I know you can also make ‘salmon‘ using tofu and seaweed as the skin, but I’ve been googling for like 20 minutes and can’t find a recipe! If you know how to do it I’d love for you to comment below!


Healthier Chip Recipes

thisrawesomeveganlife oil free potato fries

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This Rawsome Vegan Life-  Oil Free Baked Fries.


sweet potato fries imadetoday

photo credit: @imadetoday instagram

I Made Today- Baked Sweet Potato Fries.


Anyone else craving chips now?


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