Ditch the diet and nourish your life

What is the Finding Balance with Food course?

During this six-week in-person course you will learn step-by-step how to rewrite your story around food, body image and your future. You will focus on nutrition and psychological strategies to help you escape the diet-binge cycle and to create the truly nourishing life that you deserve. You will also be part of a private facebook group to receive 24/7 support for the duration of the program.


This course is for you if you relate to any of the following:

  • You’re constantly on a diet, but struggling to maintain your weight
  • You try and eat healthily but end up binge eating and feeling guilty
  • You feel emotional or anxious around food
  • You often eat in secret and are embarrassed about what you eat
  • Thinking about food is taking over your life
  • The scales determines your self-worth

I hadn’t known what results to expect (if, any) but, it’s felt like I’ve had a fresh start with food and drink. I take greater responsibility for the foods i eat now, and feel as though i decide what i will or won’t eat. More often now i call the shots, i take the time to think about why i want to eat (is it because I’m hungry?), and i stop myself from eating on autopilot without registering and enjoying the food. The biggest changes have been that I’m now trying new healthy foods and only drinking alcohol 2 nights a week.


Hayley. G

Dieting is totally exhausting- both mentally and physically

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could discover a way of eating that’s right for your body and your lifestyle.

A way of eating that doesn’t involve counting calories/ syns, avoiding meals or obsessing about food?

Oh wait – YOU CAN!

I’m Rachel, an eating psychology PhD researcher who helps women to break up with their diet rules and fall in love with their life.

I haven’t always had it together around food, I remember a time when food was on my mind from the moment I woke up until the moment I went to sleep; it took over my whole life and I couldn’t see a way out. What had started as a diet and quest to get healthy turned into an obsessive and restrictive pattern of eating, which damaged my mental + physical health and destroyed important relationships. My problems with food meant that I had to quit my job abroad and move back in with my parents. One day something shifted and I started to binge eat uncontrollably every night when my parents were asleep. It got so bad that my mum literally had to hide food otherwise I would eat the lot. At the time, I was so angry at myself, but now I see that binge eating was my body’s way of telling me that it needed more food to survive and that controlling (or trying to control) food was a way for me to try and control my fear that I didn’t know where I was heading in life.

It wasn’t a straight path to the balanced relationship with food that I have today, but I learnt so much along the way. I know what it’s like to feel hopeless that things can ever change and I know how empowering it feels to be the one to change your life for the better. I want to use my experiences and evidence-based knowledge to help you avoid my mistakes and show you step-by-step how to build a healthy relationship with food.

In 6 weeks, we’ll cover

Week 1

Introduction &
Your Food Stories

  • Meet the other 5 members of the course in a relaxed setting
  • Tell your story of your relationship with food and your body in a guided exercise to help you delve deep into your past, connect events and experiences, and to gain new insights into your current self
  • Understand where your thoughts and beliefs about eating came from and that you don’t have to accept them as a fact
  • Be inspired to make changes in your life
  • Goal setting; begin to write the future of your story

Week 2

Nutrition for Physical &
Mental Health

  • Learn about the restrict-binge cycle and how to ditch the diet-talk
  • Change your mindset so that you never fall off the wagon again
  • Understand your cravings and implement new strategies to avoid them
  • Learn how to nourish your body and mind
  • Get new quick and healthy snack ideas

If you want to know more about the physiology and psychology of eating then this week is a must for you

Week 3

Mindful Eating

  • Become connected to your body again and trust it to guide your food choices
  • Learn to recognise and listen to your hunger signals and satiety cues in a guided exercise and take-home activities
  • Understand the benefits of mindful eating and how to make eating with greater awareness party of your daily life
  • Mindful eating practice using handmade dark chocolates flavoured with uplifting wild orange or soothing peppermint essential oils

BONUS Multi-sensory chocolate recipes and mindful eating recording.

Week 4

Navigating Feelings & Emotions without Turning to Food

  • Get clear on what is causing your emotional eating
  • Build your emotional coping tool kit so you no longer use food
  • Advice on stress management, relationships and work-life balance

This week focuses on your mind, body and soul; you will draw together everything that you’ve learnt on the course so far to regain control from emotional eating and to truly nourish your life

BONUS FREE copy of Overcome Emotional Eating Workbook (£29.99) for immediate download when you sign up to the course

Week 5

Self-compassion & Body acceptance

  • Take a body image quiz to see the impact it has on all areas of your life
  • Learn to stop the harsh self-criticisms and self-judgment
  • Freeing exercises surrounding self-acceptance and kindness
  • Building an action plan to develop self-love


Week 6

Planning for success
& Party

  • Draw to together what you’ve learnt about the psychology of building lasting habits and routines that work for you
  • Be confident that you will no longer fall off the wagon and can recover from setbacks without guilt or punishing yourself
  • Strengthen your support system with your new friends from the workshop

Most importantly, you’ll feel more free around food as we celebrate the end of the course and all of your achievements.

Finding the Balance with Food has given me the chance to truly explore and challenge my relationship with food, in a professional and supportive environment. The course content provides information and guidance, and the weekly challenges enable me to gain further insight and incorporate what I’ve learnt into my own life and habits. I’m very grateful to have met Rachel and had the opportunity to take part in this course, and I’m excited to see myself continue to grow and develop over the remaining weeks and beyond.

Ally. C


The course runs over 6x 2 hour weekly sessions in a small intimate group (places are extremely limited).

Dates/ Time: Sessions will be held from 7.30-9.30pm on the following dates

  1. 24th January – Introduction. Identifying your food stories and habits
  2. 31st January – Nutrition for physical & mental health
  3. 7th February – Hunger, satisfaction & mindful eating
  4. 21st February – Navigating feelings and emotions without turning to food
  5. 28th February – Self-compassion and body acceptance
  6. 7th March  – Planning for success

Location: Venue within 5 minutes drive of Derby City center (nearly Darley Park).

The sessions provide a safe space for you to

  • talk about your relationship with food, become more self-aware and make a break through on what is currently holding you back
  • ask questions and get tailored advice from an eating disorder specialist
  • meet other like-minded individuals on their wellness journey

You will receive a folder to keep all of the information sheets, plus worksheets to complete at home, suggested reading and podcasts.


  • put yourself first?
  • make mind-set shifts?
  • live a nourishing life?

Please note, this course is not suitable for you if you have a current diagnosis of or consider yourself to be experiencing a clinical eating disorder, drug or alcohol addiction, serious trauma or clinical depression. I offer private and personalised 1-1 sessions that may be more suited to your needs – please contact me to find out more.


I recognised my own mistaken beliefs regarding food and control – “If I stop dieting I will gain weight because if I stop dieting I will be out of control”. Being able to challenge these and tell myself I am more educated in this and can trust my own choices has been freeing

Ally C.

After 6 weeks Ally also stopped calorie counting (something that seemed very scary in week 2) and ditched the diet for good. She shared these posts on instagram stories

Christina’s Mindset Shift

Christina loved working in the group in November 2018 and “realising that no foods should be good or bad and that nutrition is about choice rather than denial”. She has joined Finding Balance Club (an exclusive) meet-up for graduates of the Finding Balance with Food course) and had this even bigger breakthrough in our January 2019 meeting.



(we’re going to be working together, learning and growing for 12 hours on the Finding Balance with Food Course + you have access to me between sessions in our private facebook group)

I attended Rachel’s workshop and it really helped me address how I talk to myself about food, nutrition and my body. I can highly recommend Rachel; she has a kind and compassionate nature and is very skilled at running informative and thought-provoking workshops.

Rachel’s workshop was laid back and easy to digest the information that she spoke about.  I felt at ease and relaxed in the session.  I was able to recognize a lot of the incidences that she described in my already busy day to day and just attending for 1 hour has made a difference to how I eat.


After struggling with various issues around food and my body for many years, I decided to attend Rachel’s workshop on Negative Self Talk. Rachel is really inspirational on her Instagram and Blog and I love her ‘small changes’ type approach, so I felt she would be just perfect for this kind of discussion. The group environment was small and reassuringly intimate, and Rachel took us through her workbook which is founded on psychological evidence. I enjoyed the opportunity to reflect on my beliefs around food and discuss with Rachel and the group how we can make small steps to start changing these habits and unhealthy beliefs. I would definitely recommend the workshop to anyone struggling with issues around food and unhealthy habits. Thank you Rachel!


It was nice to hear other people’s ideas and thoughts and know that everyone had their own issues with food and you are not alone.


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Commonly asked questions

Can I join if I'm doing Slimming World or Weight Watchers?
Yes you can. But you may learn some conflicting information in this course that you will have to navigate. For example, to ditch the diet mentality or food rules and tune into what your body really wants. This course is meant to be an alternative to Slimming World, Weight Watchers and fad diets. Please use the form below to contact me and we can discuss if the course would suit you and your current situation.
Can I join if I have an eating disorder?
Maybe – This course was designed heavily based on the information that I learnt while studying with the National Center for Eating Disorders to change peoples relationship to food (thoughts and behaviour). However, you may need additional support to what is covered in the course as it isn’t specifically designed to help someone with a clinical eating disorder. Please use the form below to contact me and we can discuss if the course would suit you and your current situation
Can I join if I hate group work?

Haha – me too. I laughed when I dawned on my that I dislike group work, but I had created a group course. Taking part in this course at the same time as other people is a cost-effective way to access the information and be able to ask questions. Previous participants on the course have said how helpful it was to hear the experiences of others, learn from each other and have extra support.

What if I'm busy/sick one week?

If you are unable to make a session then it is vital that you cover the content for the week that you missed if you want to get the most out of the course. We can arrange a 30 minute Skype call or in person session to go through the content for that week.

Do you have a payment plan?

I understand that you might want to wait until payday or spread the cost. A payment plan is available on request.

Any questions?

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