Would you believe me if I said you could feel happier by asking yourself 3 questions every day?

I was skeptical until I tried it for myself.

If you met me at the start of June this year, or in the preceding 2 years, I might have seemed like a totally different person. I was constantly on edge; cried over everything and snapped at anyone who dared talk to me. I had a horrible relationship with food (despite undertaking two nutrition courses) and I hated myself because of it. I don’t really want to get into it too deeply here, but ask anyone close to me and they will tell you I was constantly miserable and difficult to be around. I’m thankful to say I’m no longer like that and have become far happier, more relaxed and sociable.

So what changed?

One important thing was that I decided to start a diary and ask myself 3 questions every day. At first it was a struggle and I didn’t know what to write, but as time went on it got easier, and now I really enjoy doing it. It’s funny to look back on what I’ve written and it’s also nice to do with friends- I don’t take my diary if I stay at someones house so I will go through the questions with them, and if they’re not too keen I will pretend to be them and make up answers from their point of view.

Journaling Prompts to make you happier

“Alright already” I hear you say, “what are these 3 questions?”
Well I’ll tell you, and I’ll even help by giving you some examples of what I’ve actually written.

1. What do I love about myself today?

This can be something about your physical body, skills, personality, feelings etc. Try to make it different every day.  I always try and think of something that happened in the day that went well, something new I’ve done, or something someone has said to me and how that has affected me.

Write downOne thing I love about myself today is that …E.g.
– I am very thoughtful when buying cards and spend time thinking about what the recipient would like (day 6)
– I have learnt from my mistakes and now put sun cream on so I don’t get burnt (day 42)
– I can look in a cupboard of random ingredients and get inspiration for a meal (day 60)

2. What has made me happy today?

There is ALWAYS something. Sometimes it will be obvious that something got you super excited, but sometimes it could just be something you appreciate or acknowledge was positive. If there’s more than one thing then brilliant, write them all down. It’s nice to read back over it and relive the day.

Write down What made me happy today was…because…E.g.
– buying this diary because it is covered in glitter and watermelons!! It’s amazing! (day 1)
– going for a walk because the sun was shining and felt lovely and warm (day 14)
– putting on a facemask because now my skin feels so soft (day 99)

3. What am I looking forward to?

Again, there are always things to look forward to! It could be something BIG it could be something small. Make it something different every day, even if there is a special event coming up and you’re super excited about it every single day.

Write down I am looking forward to…E.g.
– breakfast (day 31)
– having a good sleep tonight, I feel so exhausted!!!! (day 46)
– meeting my new nephew for the first time tomorrow (day 69)

pin it

stack of journals


I challenge you to give this a go for a week and see how you feel afterwards.
Add it into your evening routine just after you brush your teeth.
It only takes 5 minutes and I believe it is really worth it.

This has really helped me and I hope it helps you as well.
Let me know how you get on


Update: I have since added a question about gratitude. Click the link to see the blog post about it.

Disclaimer: this is written from my personal experience

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