Exercising isn’t just an excuse for a post-workout shakeIona Bruce a gym instructor and PT explains to us why it’s good to workout outside.

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5 Benefits of exercising outdoors

“Otherwise known as green exercise… but what if where you are isn’t green? Or you’re colour blind?

Only joking 🙂


Who doesn’t love a bit of that? Particularly in winter, and particularly in Scotland, it’s important to get in as much vitamin D as possible and that short walk from your work to gym to flat probably isn’t going to cut it. Vitamin D is important for strengthening our immune system and bones and helping to release those good endorphins!
Top tip – if it isn’t sunny rename point 1. ‘GETTING FRESH AIR’!


Lets face it, staring at a gym wall isn’t massively inspiring. Yes, some machines have TVs but I just get fed up and channel hop which results in no work happening. Being outside gives you so many things to look at as well as exploring your neighbourhood. And if you’re running you even get the odd break to cross the road at traffic lights!


Depending on what your doing you’ll use different muscles to what you would in the gym. You’ll meet new surfaces, inclines, even equipment that you can incorporate into your workout, and your body will have to work in different ways to react to these.


A number of studies have reported that there are also psychological benefits to working out outside. Whether this is due to the increase of vitamin D, getting a break from an enclosed space or just appreciating the world around us, it can help relieve tension, stress and anxiety.

5. IT’S FREE!!

Pretty self explanatory. And don’t think the only thing you can do outside is run or walk. There are plenty of things you can use to develop cardio or strength workouts, such as a park bench!


So what are you waiting for, get outside, soak up the sun, and sneak in a cheeky workout…you’ll feel so much better for it!”
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FullSizeRender (7) - CopyWords and pictures by Iona Bruce.
Iona is a gym instructor, competitive trampolinist, and weightlifter from Glasgow. Her Iona Bruce shares fitness advice, workouts, lifestyle tips, and recipes which are easy to recreate at home. She is currently collaborating with The Great Run Group and has started ‘The Glasgow Fitness Guide‘ to tell you all what is coming up in the area and finding new ways in which people can keep active!
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