The past few weeks I’ve been feeling absolutely fantastic. I wake up so positive and I’m reacting better to the events that would normally frustrate or upset me.  For example, this morning I went downstairs to make my lemon water and the kitchen was disgusting. Instead of getting annoyed I put away all the pots on the drier, washed my housemates dirty dishes (there were a lot!!) AND wiped the surfaces.

While I can’t know exactly where my mood change has come from, I’m pretty sure it’s related to my new practice of gratitude; focusing on the good things and being thankful for what I have. 

Two months ago I told you about  3 questions which I answer every night in my journal before I go to bed. I explained how these questions have helped me to feel happier, less stressed and more sociable. To the list I recently added another:

What I am grateful for today?

Gratitude is so important. It allows us to celebrate the present and focus on what we have rather than what’s lacking. It can help make us happier by blocking negative emotions and helping us to interpret events in a more positive way.

Research shows that gratitude is associated with decreased levels of stress, a stronger immune system and better social relationships. And the beauty of it is that we’ve always got something to be thankful for, we just have to consciously acknowledge it.

gratitude journal tips


In your journal write downToday I am grateful for…E.g.
– shops that offer a Black Friday discount (Day 110)
– the psychology department running coffee mornings and activities (Day 122)
– sloths for being so cute!! They make me super happy! (Day 140)*

Today I’m grateful to you for reading this blog post. It makes me so excited to think that you are engaging with my posts and that you might follow this advice- I want you to be happy, healthy and psyched.

What are you grateful for?
Let me know in the comments or #healthyandpsyched on social media.


*You could just ignore everything I said and google ‘cute sloths’ or ‘baby sloths’. OMG- they’re so cute and smiley!! It’s impossible to look at them and not be filled with joy.

Disclaimer: this is written from my personal experience and not a tested psychological therapy

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