When you look at Just Josi you can’t help but be impressed with all the healthy and perfectly laid out meals. But blogger Josie confesses that…

The Good Food Gallery Confession Healthy&Psyched

“Sometimes I photograph my dinner, then add WAY more food to the plate.

Especially post workout if I get home absolutely starving! When I make dinners, I quite often decide to prep plenty of food (roasted veggies being a prime example!) for meals over the next few days. However once the pretty meal has been photographed, I add loads more food to the plate, completely overloading it and making it very un-insta-worthy! Girl’s gotta eat you know…”

To be honest I’m guilty of this as well. I sprinkle a bit of granola on my smoothie, snap the photo then its granola and cinnamon overload!

So remember don’t compare what’s on your plate to what you see on social media. But if you’re interested in reading some more tips on how to make your food ‘insta-worthy’ check out these posts 1, 2.

Josie TheFoodGallery health&psychedPhoto and confession by Josie at The Good Food Gallery.
Josie has been running instagram for about a year, her passion is creating healthy but delicious meals and keeping fit alongside working a busy job. She has a blog alongside her Instagram account where she posts recipes, workouts and general chit chat so feel free to go and say hi!
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