Think that the life of a health blogger revolves solely around drinking protein shakes after an early morning workout? Or eating kale salads after a yoga class? Think again.

Jia, the wellness consultant and blogger behind Wandering for Wellness confesses that…

what health bloggers really eat


…. she doesn’t eat 100% healthy or workout all of the time.


She says “My friends tell me that I am too disciplined and have absolutely no cravings. They see me eating healthy and logging my workouts on social media and think that I don’t have bad days. Some of them say that my feed inspires them to eat healthy, move more, workout regularly and stay fit but the truth is I, too, have bad days.

When I am burning out at work with deadlines, I find it impossible to carve out time to exercise so I give my body a break. I have days where I eat super clean and then I have days where I eat a whole bar of dark chocolate right before my period. I don’t like drinking very much at all but I am in love with my afternoon cup of coffee and even though I stop at 2 cups of coffee a day- I can’t do without it.

Life is too short to spend it on deprivation and starvation diets. As I see it, Wellness is a journey you embark on one day at a time and you’ll feel a lot better if you nosh on that snack and eat that square of dark chocolate rather than depriving yourself and bingeing later.”


I’ve got to say that I agree. I eat chocolate in some form pretty much every day, whether that’s a chocolate bar (usually raw chocolate or dark chocolate), cacao powder in my morning porridge or smoothie or even in peanut butter! I just love chocolate!

And I’m a lot less strict about exercise than I used to be – as long as I can get in a few good workouts per week and do something active on the other days, even if it’s just a 15 minute walk to work and back, then I’m generally happy. Last year (before I started blogging) my life revolved around food and daily workouts – it was literally all I thought about and it made me a very hangry and empty person.

If you can integrate a strict diet plan and exercise regime into your life and are truly happy with it, then perfect- and I definitely take my hat off to you. But if it’s compromising how you live your life I’d suggest you re-evaluate you goals. Is losing a few pounds or gaining an abs line really worth losing yourself in the process?

confessions of a health bloggerJia is a nutritionalist, writer and self-confessed foodie based in Dehli. Her blog, Wandering for Wellness focuses on many different facets of wellbeing. Connect with her on twitterinstagram and facebook.

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