We all know the importance of meal prep for healthy living. Making extra portions of food for meals the next day will save you time in the long run and it often works out cheaper. But Libby from Libby Live confesses that…

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“I make extra portions of a meal for a tupperware lunch tomorrow and then just eat it as I do the washing up!

When I plate up a delicious dinner and Instagram the pic, sometimes I just fancy more after. And when the Tupperware is on the side cooling and I just can’t help but start to nibble and before you know it lunch has been consumed! For example these carrot and parsnip Rostis were delish: the one packaged up for the next day’s lunch didn’t make it into the fridge!”

I totally empathize with Libby. This happens to me all the time as well and then I have to faff round making lunch the next morning!

To try and avoid this I put my tupperwear out of reach and out of sight if possible (although this can be hard if it needs to stay on the side to cool down before I put it in the fridge). I also decide on a little treat for after the washing up. For example, hot chocolate made with cacao powder and almond milk or a rice cake with almond butter. Having something sweet really satisfies me and stops me from picking at the leftovers.

Photo and confession by Libby at Libby Live and @libbyhorsley_.
Libby is a fitness blogger from Oxford. She teaches spin and circuit classes and is training as an accountant. She a loves hitting the gym for a sweaty session, or spending the day at raw food vegan cafes and yoga in the  evening. She enjoys cooking fresh paleo inspired meals with whole foods.
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