I’m just gonna get straight into it.

This morning I ate cake for breakfast and it made me happy!

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They are beetroot and chocolate cakes, which I ate with drizzle of Pic’s peanut butter, some banana and a strawberry to make it look pretty for instagram. They taste kind of like my brownie batter oats and I’m testing the recipe for the cakes ahead of Halloween (so keep you’re eyes peeled for the finished product)!

Why did I eat cake for breakfast?

I didn’t sleep very well last night and I’m feeling like I have a million and one things to do at the moment. Then every time I try and cross something off my to-do list another thing or another problem pops up! So overall I’m feeling like I need chocolate and cake– haha!

I knew I wanted to eat these cakes, so I decided to have them for breakfast rather than a) have my breakfast and eat them immediately afterwards or b) have my breakfast and spend the next hour thinking about how I wanted to eat the cakes!

Is it okay to eat cake for breakfast?

The cakes are made with (spoiler alert) beetroot, cacao powder and almond flour and are sweetened with coconut sugar. Beetroot is a vegetable so counts towards my 5-a-day, cacao powder is known for it’s mood boosting antioxidants, and almonds are packed with nutrients to help support brain functioning. So overall, I can justify this as a pretty decent breakfast even if it is quite high in sugar.

In my opinion it’s okay to eat cakes for breakfast every once in a while, but just don’t make it the norm. A delicious bowl of porridge or green smoothie would probably be a better breakfast option. They’re full of nutrients and can help to keep you energised so you don’t turn to eating chocolate and cakes later in the day.

I feel like stress can zap a lot of your energy so it’s important to keep fuelled with healthy food and do some light exercise to get some endorphins. But sometimes you need to go with how you’re feeling and eat cake for breakfast. Do you agree?

What’s your go-to comfort food when you’re feeling stressed? And do you try and make it a bit healthier?


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