Today I want to confess what has kept me from writing a blog post for a whole week! And it’s even holding my back from writing this post right now!

My third confession on the blog (read 1 and 2 here) is that

I’m a perfectionist!

I’m a perfectionist and I have re-written this paragraph at least three times. Then decided none of the versions were any good and wrote this instead!!


How being a perfectionist affected me this week.

Since I began my psychology PhD 10 months ago  I have known that I have to write the introductory chapter of my thesis for the start of September. But I didn’t start writing it properly until last week (the middle of August)! I have piles and piles of notes. And I have written a draft of a journal paper based on my first study so I obviously know a lot about the subject. But I just felt like I couldn’t start writing the chapter of my thesis because I couldn’t do it well enough. As a perfectionist I just don’t want to settle and hand in something that’s just ‘okay’. So I have been working long hours last week to try and finish my thesis chapter for the deadline, which meant I have had no time for blogging!


My thoughts on being a perfectionist.

I think that being a perfectionist has benefitted me because it has pushed me to get good grades and do well in my academic work so that I was accepted for the PhD. But it’s also held me back and caused me problems, because what does a perfectionist do when they don’t think they can do something perfectly? They don’t do it at all or they get annoyed, they get upset, they cry. Well I cry… a lot. And on reflection all of the worrying and crying just isn’t worth it because it’s okay not to be perfect!


Today’s issues with being a perfectionist

  1. Re-drafting the title several times. From ‘Confessions of a health blogger & why it’s okay not to be perfect’ to ‘ confessions of a health blogger and being perfectly imperfect’ and a whole range of other things!
  2. Re-drafting whole paragraphs and spending well over 40 minutes changing the order of words! How some people say they write a blog in under half an hour I don’t know!
  3. Getting my boyfriend to read the draft because this post is a bit out of my comfort zone and not my usual smoothie bowls or healthy dessert recipes.
  4. Not knowing what picture to put with this post!! I wanted to use this picture of some strawberries on soya yogurt I took the other day. I used the strawberries purely because they aren’t ‘perfect’, but then that doesn’t really have anything to do with the other theme of the post which is about studying…  but I don’t have any photos saved on my computer that do have that theme!! Big dilemma.

it's okay not to be perfect


So there you have it. My confession about why you haven’t heard from me in a week!

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Are you a perfectionist? How has it affected you?




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