I have lots of smoothie bowl tips dotted around my blog. I thought I would answer some of the most common questions I get asked and share even more of my top smoothie bowl tips!!

Read on to find out how to make your smoothie bowl taste good, fill you up and importantly for instagram or social media, make it look a beautiful colour 😉

If I’ve missed anything out that you’re dying to know, let me know in the comments or send me an email healthyandpsyched(at)gmail.com. smoothie tips

  1. How do get your smoothie to be a nice colour?

This is actually the question I get asked the most and it’s usually followed by “mine always turn a murky brown”.

My top tip would be to choose one colour and then pick ingredients that are only that colour. For example, beetroot and berries or kale and apple. If you start mixing colours, for example adding spirulina into a raspberry smoothie you’ll probably end up with something that looks pretty unappetising! Once you have more experience you will know which ingredients have strong colours and you can start to experiment. But if you’re new to making smoothie bowls I would say stick to one colour.

Obviously, a smoothie can taste amazing and be nutritious even if it’s not a nice colour, but if you want to post it on social media, it helps engagement if it looks nice.

Banana icecream- protein and berries

  1. How do you make the toppings float on the smoothie bowl?

There are two ways to make the toppings float.

First, you can use frozen ingredients to make your smoothie a nice thick texture. I like to peel and freeze bananas to use in my smoothie or use frozen berries. I’ve even been known to use frozen peas or sweetcorn! Ice would also work well, but I find that it makes it taste watery so I generally wouldn’t add more than 4-5 ice cubes-but if you want to then go for it.

However, you will need a powerful blender if you’re going to start adding frozen ingredients.

If you don’t have a powerful blender this second tip is for you.

If you want your toppings to float on your smoothie bowl then make sure the toppings aren’t too heavy! Good options would be blueberries, coconut flakes or granola. But something like slices of kiwi, apple or whole strawberries might sink!

Also, bonus tip–  if you think the toppings will sink then decorate your bowl near where you are planning to take the photo. That way there will be less time for them to sink before you take the photo.

And if stuff does start sinking then just make it work, sometimes it looks good.

creamy mint and apple smoothie

  1. How do you make a smoothie bowl more filling?

If you make your smoothie using only fruit then you’re likely to be hungry a few hours later. Make your smoothie bowl more filling and nutritious by adding complex carbohydrates (e.g. oats, granola, beans), protein (e.g. protein powder, tofu, nuts) and/ or healthy fats (e.g. nut butter, avocado, coconut milk).

I will also add in here that I like to try and use vegetables as well as fruit in my smoothies, for example carrots or spinach. They add extra nutrition and don’t contain as much sugar as fruit.

Try this yummy mint chocolate smoothie with hidden avocado and spinach to keep you full up till lunch time.

creamy mint chocolate smoothie bowl healthyandpsyched

  1. Where do you get your inspiration for your smoothie bowls?

Instagram of course! There are loads of beautiful smoothie bowls on instagram to drool over. I like to search hash tags such as #smoothiebowls (hehe- obviously), #greensmoothie or #acaibowl.

I also think back to what I’ve tried before and what has worked well (or not so well). Or sometimes I just do something random and it works out for the best. Combining flavours and decorating the bowl is a great chance to be creative.

If you want even more tips then check out my blog post on ‘how to create an insta-worthy smoothie bowl’ or these expert tips.

the secret to the best smoothie ever

5. What can I do if my smoothie tastes disgusting?

Not every combination of flavours is going to work perfectly. This question is quite hard to answer because how you can fix it depends on why it tastes disgusting. For example, if you put too much kale (or greens) in your smoothie you could try adding some dates and cacao powder to try and hide to flavour. However, that doesnt work with some very fruity smoothies e.g. pineapple.

If your smoothie tastes horrible, but you don’t want to waste the ingrdients, then you can freeze the smoothie in an ice cube tray and add 1 icecube next time you make a smoothie. That way you are not wasting anything and the taste won’t be overpowering.

smoothie bowl recipe nectarine and raspberry

Do you have any more questions or smoothie bowl tips I should know about?

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