Introducing the #HealthyBreakfastParty.

I am running the #healthybreakfastparty on instagram with the talented Cassandra from Hankering 4 Healthy. We created the hash tag for you to share your healthy breakfast ideas, get inspiration and have the chance to be featured on our instagram accounts.

The hashtag has only been running for 3 days, but already there’s been lots of tagging!

If you would like the chance of a shout out, please follow the rules below.

The Rules

1. Follow both @healthyandpsyched and @hankering4healthy on instgram.

2. Create an amazingly healthy (vegan/vegetarian) breakfast, with all the trimmings. However, no processed foods, super sugary cereals, or bacon, sorry 🐷 is our friend.

3. Tag us in the main caption and image.

4. Tag your photo with #healthybreakfastparty (new posts only please)

5. Enjoy your breakfast and wait to see if we feature you in our weekly roundup.
Each Friday: We will each pick an individual account to feature.
Each Monday: We will feature a photo gird of four entries.

You can enter as many times as you like and the last feature will be on Monday 29th August. But we really hope you keep using the hashtag to inspire others with your healthy breakfasts.


Want to get involved but dont know how to make a healthy breakfast?

Simply tweak your current breakfast with one or more of these tips.

5 Tips for a healthy breakfast

1. Avoid sugary cereals and processed foods.

Cereal or toast is often a go to breakfast but can be highly processed and packed with sugar and other additives.  Eating these foods every day can lead to inflammation and cell damage, which your body needs to work extra hard in order to repair.

A healthier alternative to cereal is whole grain oats in the form of porridge, granola or muesli (look for low sugar). They’re very versatile and I love the look of this bowl of overnight oats from @eleanormay_c.

Eat oats for a healthy breakfast

A healthier alternative to white bread is wholegrain or mixed seed bread from a local bakery, sourdough or rye bread. Or better yet- make your own like @_hannaheats!

Healthy Toast

2.Add fruit and vegetables.

Fruit and veggies are packed with nutrients and fibre, which are important to keep your body functioning at its best.

Fruit is a great natural sweetener, but it’s easy to go overboard and have a high sugar intake. Because of that I’m trying to have a 50:50 split of fruit and veg in my breakfast to make it healthy and filling. For example this morning I made brownie batter oatmeal, which contains banana and beetroot.

Add fruit and vegetables in or on top of your porridge

sunshineandwaffles topping overload-001

or on your toast

darilu kiwi on toast-001

or blend them in a smoothie.

maryle_goes_vegan pinapple smoothie bowl-001

Need some more inspiration?

Check out @spamellab‘s recipe for porridge with courgette, banana and beetroot powder

spamellab smoothie bowl-001

Or’s smoothie recipe with mango and carrot

healthy mind body life smoothie bowl-001

And a green smoothie is always a winner as breakfast lover @life_bylaura knows.

life_bylaura green smoothie-001

But remember that you need a range of vitamins and minerals which can be found in different whole foods, so try to eat the rainbow.

3.Add herbs and spices.

Herbs and spices are full of micronutrients, which each have unique properties and contribute to your overall health. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon to your breakfast, or even fresh ginger or mint.

Turmeric is great in a smoothie and I love this tumeric porridge by @reticentqueen.

reticentqueen tumeric oats

4.Pack in some protein.

Protein is important for growth and repair of tissue, as well as regulation of hormones and chemical reactions in the body. A meal high in protein can also help you to feel fuller for longer.

You can find protein naturally in oats, nuts and seeds, and legumes such as chickpeas, beans and green peas.

You can also supplement your diet with a protein powder. My current favourite is vivolife perform (read more about it here). I find it easy to add protein powder to porridge or smoothies, but you can also use it in pancakes and other baked goods!

5.Add some healthy fats.

Avocado, coconut oil/milk and nut butter are my favourite ways to add healthy fats to my breakfast.

You might read ‘healthy’ diet information on other sites suggesting to eat a low fat. diet. But your body needs fats in order to function properly. That said don’t go overboard. Half an avocado / cup of coconut milk or 1-2 tbsp of nut butter/ coconut oil will do.

Check out this bowl of porridge with coconut oil from @healingholistically. The recipe is on her blog.

healingholistically coconut oil almond butter oatmeal-001


I have lots of recipes on my blog so be sure to check out the breakfast section for more inspo 🙂

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article and get involved in the #HealthyBreakfastParty!!

If you’re still not convinced, check out these 5 reasons why breakfast is brilliant.


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