Do you want to try the latest flavour nut butter, raw chocolate or superfood powders but money is stopping you?

Follow this easy tip to get healthy food for FREE!

Yes I said FREE!

Healthy living doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact the staples such as such as bananas, oats, sweet potatoes, salad, green veggies and beans/chickpeas are all very reasonably priced. Where the problem comes is when we want to treat ourselves to some of the fancier foods or ingredients.

I can’t tell you how much I’ve spent in the past year on superfood powders alone- when I see a new one I just get so excited and want to try it, even though my cupboard is already overflowing with them! And don’t even get me started on how many different kinds of gluten-free flour I’ve got- all at over £4 a pop!! Then there’s nut butter, raw chocolate, protein powders… the list goes on!

Of course, you don’t need these foods to live a healthy lifestyle. But I like to try different ingredients to cook with.

My love of nut butters and superfoods could get expensive. But luckily I’ve learnt this trick to get healthy foods for free.

How to get healthy foods for free…


There are always lots of competitions and giveaways on instagram and twitter. Usually all you have to do to enter is follow the accounts running the giveaway, like a photo and tag some friends in the comments section, or re-tweet on twitter. Sometimes they will also ask for you to re-post a photo. It’s super simple but could mean that you’ll soon be eating healthy food for FREE!

Top tips.

Follow the brands whose food you already love or want to try.

Get some ‘give away buddies’– i.e. people who will tag you in competitions and you can tag them (Feel free to tag me on instagram @healthyandpsyched).

Read the Terms and Conditions (if any).
For example, to enter a competition on instagram you might have to like the photo, tag a friend and leave a comment answering a question. If you failed to do any of those steps you’re answer wouldn’t be valid.
Or some giveaways might only be open to residents in a certain country, so there’s no point entering if you don’t live there.

You can apply these tips to anything really- there are always companies running competitions for everything from gym kit, to jewellery or even holidays!

I know this tip works. So far this year I’ve won a Superfoodio box, months supply of snacks from Saf Life, some BeLoved date hearts, a tub of Your Super Foods Chocolate Lover Mix (which I had my eye on but didn’t want to pay for!), tickets to the BBC Good Food Show from! My competition buddy has won all sorts, such as chocolate (I’m jealous!) and a cook book.


GIVEAWAY Protein Powder

To give you some practice on entering giveaways I’ve decided to run my own giveaway on instagram with the help of The winner will receive their choice of vanilla or chocolate PERFORM: a raw plant based protein powder with a whopping 25g of protein per serve, vegan BCAA’s and superfoods! It’s the perfect refuel after your workout.

UPDATE: This giveaway has closed.




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