November is World Vegan Month and to celebrate I was invited to a vegan brunch held by Whole Foods Market in Kensington and the Health Bloggers Community.

I wanted to upload this post to show you the different things that I ate at the brunch and to show that VEGAN FOOD ISN’T BORING!

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Photo credit: Health Blogger Community. Scroll down to see what the photo I was taking turned out like.

Vegan brunch first course – Toast board by Pip & Nut.

I chose almond butter with blackberries!

Toast with nut butter is a really quick and easy breakfast or vegan brunch option* – it takes exactly the same amount of time as if you spread dairy butter on your bread! Plus, I don’t think that you would miss dairy butter with this combination of nut butter and fruit. There’s a massive range of nut butters on the market at the moment and you could have a different flavour every day of the week, or use the same nut butter and add different toppings!! I like Pip & Nut because all of their products are free from palm oil and refined sugar (some of their flavours have no added sugar and some have maple syrup).

*Check that you’re bread doesn’t contain animal products though! Some have eggs and milk powder.

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Try these three delicious vegan nut butter on toast ideas 1) Chocolate peanut butter with strawberries, 2) maple peanut butter with blackberries, 3) almond butter with banana and coconut flakes. A totally delicious healthy breakfast idea.

Second course – By Joey’s Cooking and High Mood Food

Next up I tried a Blackberry & Vanilla Cheesecake with Buckwheat Crumb from Joey O’Hare  founder of Good Mood Food. Joey is a professionally trained Chef and she’s even appeared on Master Chef the Professionals so her presentation was amazing! The flavours were also delicious, with a creamy probiotic cashew yogurt and sweet but tangy berry compote. I don’t expect that you or I will be achieving the same level of perfection in our breakfast, but we can enjoy a range of non-dairy yogurts including soya, almond and coconut.

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Think that vegan food is boring then think again. This blackberry and vanilla cheesecake is 100% vegan - it's a combination of homemade cashew yogurt, berry compote and buckwheat granola.

I also sampled a Farinata with Mushroom Pate & Kraut and Activated Crackers with Probiotic Hummus. Joey explained to us that she loves using fermented foods because they are good for the bacteria in our gut and they have a unique flavour. I won’t be doing my own fermenting any time soon, but I do like to eat sauerkraut and miso, and drink kerfir and kombucha, which I buy from the supermarket or healthy foods shops.

gourmet vegan food with probiotic pate

Third course – by Oumph!

First up on this course of the vegan brunch I tried Crispy Oumph! with thyme & garlic ‘omelette’ (made with chickpea flour), fried mushrooms and fresh herbs. Oumph! is like meat in terms of the texture and cooking method, but it is totally vegan friendly and made with soya protein. The brand explained to us how they are concerned with the environmental impact of meat production and so have created Oumph! as a sustainable option. Find out more on their website.

Crispy Oumph! thyme & garlic chickpea flour omelette with fried mushrooms and fresh herbs

I actually found the Oumph! to be surprisingly meaty and the bloggers sat near me agreed that if we hadn’t been told it wasn’t meat, we would have thought it was chicken or pork! I was actually kind of freaked out by how realistic the texture was. Oumph! was a lot more chewy than some meat substitutes that I have tried.

Second on this course I tried Savoury Pulled Oumph! on a bagel with avocado mayo and fresh tomato relish. To be totally honest I just tried a bit and left the rest – I’m not a fan of BBQ pulled pork and the flavour was too strong for me. But I think this shows that if you’re a vegan for ethical reasons and miss the taste of certain meats you can find a good alternative or at least something interesting to try.

Vegan BBQ pulled pork on a mini bagel with avocado and tomato relish - you won't believe it's meat free.

Then the finale – by Rebel Recipes 

Lastly, I had a slice of Chocolate Ganache Tart with a crunchy nutty base and raspberry sauce, made by Nikki at Rebel Recipes (who you may remember from this post). I’ve never been to a brunch where we finished with a dessert, but I was more than happy to have it! My favourite bit was the base with crunchy buckwheat groats. You can find the recipe here – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend eating it for breakfast, but it would be great to make if you have friends over for dinner or if you need to make something for a bake sale.

Try this delicious and creamy vegan chocolate ganache tart made with coconut milk. No refined sugar and gluten-free. Heathy recipe.

And not forgetting my pumpkin spice latte

The latte was made with Plenish cashew milk, which was nice and creamy. I think that using non-dairy milk in hot drinks can be a mine field sometimes, but this drink turned out perfectly and was nice and foamy on top! I have tried sooooo many different brands of plant-based milk and it is quite hit and miss as to whether it will separate in your drink or not –  it depends on lots of factors including the emulsifiers in the milk and how hot your drink is. My advice would be to try the different options and decide which you like best. I usually try new ones when they are on offer in the supermarket, so then I haven’t wasted too much money if I don’t like it.

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Vegan Pumpkin Spice Latte with creamy cashew milk and decafe coffee


Have you tried and vegan brunch recipes? Which are your favourite?


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