I never usually do ‘What I ate in a day’ posts. Most of the time I post a photo of my breakfast on instagram then I just raid my fridge and throw something onto the plate and call it lunch/ dinner (that’s why I also don’t have many lunch/ dinner recipes on my blog).

But today I want to show you what I ate. There is no added sugar or sweeteners in any of the food and it only cost £2.

£2 challenge

Did you know that it costs £2 to feed and clothe a child in Zambia every day. Did you also know that I spend more than £2 on coffee or other random treats, like a snack pot of fruit, every day!! But not today!!

Today I took part in the £2 challenge with Voucherbox.co.uk and Zamcog. In exchange for this post Voucherbox will donate £50, which will go directly to the Shitima School in Zambia. I think that it’s a great cause and I was happy to challenge myself  to budget my meals today.



Breakfast: Banana & Persimmon Porridge = 38p

40g Aldi porridge oats (4p), ½ banana and 1 persimmon from the Moor Market (5p + 20p), 10g flax seeds – I wanted to use my ones from Aldi, but it has goji berries in and I’m not eating dried fruit as part of Sugar Free February, so I used a little packet of Linwoods flax seeds that I got free from the last Health Bloggers Community meet up… but I don’t think the point of the challenge is to eat free food, so I will add the price on the Aldi flax seeds (9p)

Rating: 6/10 – I meant to mash the banana into the oats while I was cooking them (like in this recipe), which would have made the porridge nicer but I totally forgot. Usually I also like to add plant-based milk and superfood powders into my porridge to make it super tasty, but they were beyond the budget.


Lunch: Sweet potato & beans (66.3p)

½ can Aldi butterbeans (16.5p), ½ can Aldi chopped tomatoes (17p), 100g Waitrose frozen chopped spinach (15p), 1 Aldi sweet potato (17.8p).

Rating: 6/10. I love sweet potato and I’m happy that I managed to get in some greens. Although I had to buy chopped spinach because it was the cheapest and it looked weird when it was mixed into the tomato sauce. I usually like to buy organic fresh spinach. I’d also usually add herbs and chilli powder, but I can do without for one day.


Dinner: Carrot & Red lentil soup (33.6p)

200g Aldi carrots (8.6p), 1/2 cauliflower from the Moor Market (15p), 30g dry red lentils bought in bulk from Amazon (7p), ½ stick Celery from Beanies (3p), 1 tbsp curry powder (5p), water.

Rating: 7/10. Tasted okay –I’m pleased I put the lentils in for added texture and protein.


Treat: Hot chocolate (30.7p)

I added up my total for the day and it came to under £1.50!! So I decided to have a treat of hot chocolate made with 1 tbsp Aldi cocoa powder (6.7p), 200ml Dairy Free Dream Rice Milk (24p) and hot water.

Rating 7/10: Luckily rice milk is quite sweet so this wasn’t too add without any other added sweetener. Usually I would use cacao powder, but that can be expensive.



Camomile tea: 2p


TOTAL = rounded up to £1.71


I’m so proud of myself!

I chose filling ingredients such as oats, beans and potato so I didn’t get hungry and I budgeted really well so I could still fit in a treat at the end of the day.

This does go to show though that cooking from scratch is more economical. My lunch and treat were expensive because they were out of packets, where as the soup was a lot cheaper.



I’ve shown you what I ate in a day.

Bloggers – I invite you to take part in the Voucherbox.co.uk and Zamcog £2 challenge and show me what you eat.

What do you think will be on the menu?





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