This week I was interviewed by Jenna from Jenna Hope Nutrition. She picked some really interesting questions, which bought up topics about how social media can affect our eating behaviour, how to address emotional eating, what is intuitive eating and much more.


I feel quite passionate about the topics covered because they are related to my PhD and to my personal experience with an eating disorder. To begin with I wrote a mini essay (complete with scientific references) for almost every answer because the topics were really meaty – but then I changed my mind about those responses and decided to stick to the basics rather than overwhelm everyone with ‘this study said this’ and ‘this study said that’. As a psychology PhD candidate I think that evidence-based advice is very important, however, I also feel that the science can only take us so far and at the end of the day YOU are an expert on YOU.

I hope you find the interview brief and informative.

Here are some little teasers for the content.

Social media makes me feel bad - you need media literacy

Be a conscious consumer of information

Tips to take control of emotional eating

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Let me know in the comments:

What is your experience with using social media? Has it been positive or has it had a negative influence on your self image and eating behaviour?

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