In the past month I seem to have been all over the place in the UK; Kent, London, Nottingham, back to London, now Stirling, then I’m off to Amsterdam next weekend. Whilst travelling, it can be difficult to find and make healthy choices. That’s why I want to share with you 3 tips you can follow to make things easier for yourself.

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1. Be prepared

Take your own snacks. I always try and take some fruit (apples or bananas), nuts/ trail mix and/or oatcakes. It’s unlikely you will find many nice options at a service station or on a train or plane and if you do they will be overpriced! Likewise if you’re attending an event then they often provide biscuits but no healthy alternative. So avoid the temptation by having a better choice available. (update: That said, if you do enjoy plane food or want to eat the free biscuits then go-ahead).

Sometimes I even take my own breakfast; a sachet (or box) of granola/porridge, some protein powder, nut butter and fruit. And my own tea bags. Cafes are often happy to let you use your own and give you the hot water for free!

2. Drink up

Staying hydrated is important to keep your body functioning well. You are going to feel so much better and have a nicer trip if you make sure to drink enough. The easiest way to do that is to carry a bottle of water with you. I have a Bobble BPA-Free Filter Water Bottle, so I can fill it up on the go! Although be careful to check you can drink the local water if you’re travelling abroad.

3. Take a break.

Travelling can be mentally and physically tiring, especially if it is with work or with other people. Remember to take some time out for yourself. I love to go on a short walk round the area to get a breath of fresh air and explore. But if it’s too dark/ not safe or you don’t have time then a quick meditation or relaxing bath can do wonders.

how to stay healthy on holiday

Those are my 3 top tips that make staying healthy while travelling so much easier. I recently decided not to take a breakfast option on my trip to London and regretted it when I saw the hotels offerings!! Needless to say I will be following my own advice better in the future!

What are the things that keep you healthy and psyched while traveling?

let me know #healthyandpsyched

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