London Health Show: My Favourite Exhibitors

Yesterday I attended the London Health Show. It’s a free two day event, held this year at Olympia London. The event includes a conference and workshops. It showcases leaders and newcomers to the UK health and fitness industry. There were a range of products and services, including exercise equipment, supplements, skin care and much more. However, I’ve picked my favourite foodie finds to tell you about.


Savvy carob healthyandpsyched

I traveled all the way to London and met a company from literally round the corner to me in Sheffield. Savvy produce spreads, nibbles and powder from high quality Australian carob pods (pictured). The carob has it’s own unique taste and is quite sweet. It also has a wonderful nutritional profile; high in fiber and contains vitamins (such as A, B vitamins, and D) and minerals (such as calcium and potassium). The nibbles were especially yummy and I think they’d look fantastic on a smoothie bowl.
Update: Check out my buzz word brownies  and quinoa carob bliss balls made using Savvy spread and this granola made with carob powder. I’ve also reviewed them here.


The Coconut Company

I was super excited to see this coconut vinegar from The Coconut Company. Unfortunately they didn’t have any tasters but I will be buying a few bottles very soon. First up, this is organic. Second it’s fair trade. And third, coconut vinegar is fermented. Fermented food contain probiotics, which help the good bacteria in our gut to thrive and it reduces digestive problems. Like most people, I should eat more fermented food but I haven’t been making the effort. Coconut vinagar looks like it will be an easy addition to my diet. It can be mixed with warm water as a drink or added to dressings and sauces.




With a generous amount of tasters, Inspiral was bound to be a crowd favorite. These kale chips were crunchy and perfectly seasoned– a far cry from my homemade ones. There was a good variety of flavours and I ended up buying the Tomato & Basil Pizza kale-o’s (yes they do taste like pizza!!) and the Celtic Sea Salt & Lime. There was also Incan BBQ, Sweet Chilli & Mint and Cacao & Cinnamon. These are perfect for any savory cravings and far better for you than a bag of crisps. Kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods on earth and has high levels of vitamin A, C and K. If you wouldn’t be tempted by a green juice or kale salad these might be the perfect way to get more kale into your diet.


Bu if you would be tempted by a green juice you might want to try…

Cold Press

Cold press had a brilliant selection of juices and since they are cold pressed their vitamin content is larger than traditionally heat pasteurised juices. I tried the ‘mean greens‘ first, which wasn’t particularly mean and a lot sweeter than I was expecting since I didn’t know about the high fruit content. The guy on the stall explained to me that it contains fruit so it appeals to more people and the acidic fruit helps to keep it fresher for longer.
I was most impressed by ‘pumpkin power‘- it had a nice hint of cinnamon and ginger. I will keep my eye out for it in a supermarket near me!! Until then, I’ve been inspired to create a pumpkinny breakfast bowl- so watch this space.

Did you go to London Health Show?
What were your favourite products? I’d love to compare!