Do you want to develop a better relationship with food, yourself and your body leaving no room for emotional eating?


Through guided journaling and education, you will learn;

  • why you use food to deal with your emotions
  • why you’re stuck in a cycle of emotional eating
  • how to develop new habits that allow you to thrive
  • how to break the negative cycle with
    – a proven approach to reduce cravings
    – strategies to cope when cravings strike
  • how to make time for yourself as a priority

What’s included:

3 .pdf e-books with 72 pages of content!

  • Overcome Emotional Eating Workbook
  • Emotional Eating Tracker
  • Wellbeing Journal

ONLY £24.99

What others are saying about the e-book

I hadn’t known what results to expect (if, any) but, it’s felt like i’ve had a fresh start with food and drink. I take greater responsibility for the foods i eat now, and feel as though i decide what i will or won’t eat. More often now i call the shots, i take the time to think about why i want to eat (is it because I’m hungry?), and i stop myself from eating on autopilot without registering and enjoying the food. The biggest changes have been that I’m now trying new healthy foods and only drinking alcohol 2 nights a week.

Hayley Godbehere

If it weren’t for content like this being shared and made easily accessible, I would have never started my healing journey – so I’m just so so grateful.



The workbook provides you with some essential skills in overcoming and understanding your emotional eating. I love how this book progresses and at each stage of the booklet it adds new tools to help you on your journey to becoming more self-aware about the role of emotional eating. Loved the emotional eating tracker the focus on “what was one amazing thing I did today”, it has helped me to feel a lot better over periods of emotional eating.


An interesting and beautiful guide and support if you are struggling with binge eating. These guided questions really help you develop introspection and start to notice patterns.

Francesca Rose

I have been in a healing space and it’s led me to stop over eating,-as in I don’t feel the same hunger I used to feel- trying to fill a massive emotional void. I can listen to my body and eat mindfully now. I’ve also started meditating more!


I want to share with you all a bit of a personal story and journey, one that I NEVER really thought I would share. Reading through the “Overcome Emotional Eating” eBook … really sparked something inside of me, There is a workbook within this guide that I have been reading and working through, and I have found it so so useful and interesting.

Ellie Bullen

Elsas Wholesome Life

Very interactive, it’s all about you learning about yourself more than you could ever do on your own. I love the emotional eating tracker, if you didn’t have this you might not be able to figure out your patterns on your own.


It has opened my eyes even more to the full spectrum of emotional eating. While I have healed immensely since I was a young girl in high school, I certainly have faced obsession with “clean” eating (especially when I first got into the “high carb, high fruit, low fat” movement) as well as emotional/binge eating which I struggled with and talked about within this last year.
Healing is not linear. And whether or not we want to believe it we are ALL healing from something. I want to be a voice that says ITS OKAY and YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL no matter what. But while my voice may help, it’s probably not enough.
The truth is, we all need education, support and guidance. This is what I love about the “Overcoming Emotional Eating” ebook. Rachel offers a step-by-step process with an accompanying workbook to help you identify and work through the triggers that cause you to over-eat or under-eat emotionally.
I genuinely believe this ebook could be life changing for anyone who has struggled with any of the above issues… I want YOU to benefit from this, to learn to love yourself more, to take care of your body, mind spirit and emotions.

Kate Flowers

This was helpful for me to help me understand when and in what circumstances my overeating began some 15 years ago.
I also understand now that my problems are not going to go away if I overeat, it will just make me feel worse about myself.
Thankyou for a lovelyworkbook where I can complete at my own pace.
Louise Pasco


Join Rachel for a live webinar (with replay) on 26th January where she’ll be sharing her juiciest tips, most powerful transformational techniques, and answering your questions.

Plus, Rachel will walk you through the Overcome Emotional Eating E-Book, with special attention on

  • clarifying your emotional eating loop
  • examples of triggers and rewards from her clinical practice
  • identifying and addressing deeper issues